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      Rainbow Cube kit- RGB 4X4X4 (Rainbowduino Compatible)

      Rainbow Cube kit- RGB 4X4X4 (Rainbowduino Compatible)

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      This is a  kit of 4x4x4 RGB LEDs cube, containing 648mm RGB LEDs, custom PCBs and all supporting components  (6 free alternate LEDs are included in the kit). All parts are well packed in a nice package.

      Compare with other similar projects, this one comes with super slim frame PCB design which not only looks very beautiful but also makes the assembly much easier.

      You can control all LEDs of the Rainbowcube either by changing the Arduino program itself or by using the easy to use control Software.

      You need some basic soldering skill to make this kit.

      The Rainbowcube can be controlled by any kind of microcontroller but because it is a little bit complicated we strongly recommend that you are using the Rainbowduino to control the cube.

      The Rainbowduino includes already all necessary drivers and connections and can be directly attached at the bottom of the Rainbowcube. Rainbowduino is not included in kit so you need to purchase one here.


      Assembled version is available here

      Part List

      • 8mm RGB LED x70

      • Cube Panel X1

      • Slim Panel PCB X4

      • Side A slim PCB X4

      • Side B slim PCB X4

      • 2.54mm 40pin male header X5

      • 2.54mm 40pin female header X2

      • 2.54mm 16pin female header X3

      • 2.0mm 10pin female header X2

      • 8pin female header X5

      • 2X3 female header X1

      • JST power cable X1

      • 3.5mm 4pin green terminal X1

      • 3.5mm DC jack X1

      • 3mm LED red X1

      • 3mm LED green X1

      • 1K 1/8w resistor X4

      • 10k 1/8w resistor X1

      • 15k 1/8w resistor X1

      • linear voltage regulator X1

      • 10uF_16v_E-CAP X2


      For more information please visit here

      Technical Details

      Dimensions200mm x 150mm x 26mm
      WeightG.W 152g    

      Part List

      8mm RGB LED70
      Cube Panel1
      Slim Panel PCB4
      Side A slim PCB4
      Side B slim PCB4
      2.54mm 40pin male header5
      2.54mm 40pin female header2
      2.54mm 16pin female header3
      2.0mm 10pin female header2
      8pin female header5
      2X3 female header1
      JST power cable1
      3.5mm 4pin green terminal1
      3.5mm DC jack1
      3mm LED red1
      3mm LED green1
      1K 1/8w resistor4
      10k 1/8w resistor1
      15k 1/8w resistor1
      linear voltage regulator1


      Questions and Answers

      do you need anything other than a soldering kit
      on Dec 13,2017
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        Rainbow Cube kit- RGB 4X4X4 (Rainbowduino Compatible)

        SKU 110060007
        1 Available
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