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This product is a speaker kit which has a sharp directivity by using ultrasound. It sends a sound only straight. It has many wave transmitters. Please note that you need to solder many points for assembling it.

After soldering:

Part List

  • 1 x Amplifier PCB (assembled)

  • 1 x Speaker PCB (not assembled)

  • 49 x Wave transmitters

  • 1 x Inductor for the speaker PCB

  • 1 x Connector for the speaker PCB

  • 1 x Connection cable for the amplifier PCB to the speaker PCB

  • 1 x Slide power switch for the amplifier PCB

  • Power input: DC 12V, 1A

  • Outer diameter 5.5mm, Inner diameter 2.1mm

  • Center-positive, Barrel-negative

  • Audio input: 3.5mm Stereo mini jack

  • Max driving wave transmitter: 100pcs (If you use over 50pcs, you need to use 2A AC adaptor)


  • Wave transmitters have a polarity. You need to arrange the positive symbol of the transmitter and the PCB.

  • Inductor dose not have a polarity, but in order to be able to use the inductor of several types, the PCB has several holes.You can insert the two pins of an inductor into either holes enclosed by two red circles.

  • And you need to solder the connector to the PCB

  • The positive side of the PCB has holes for checking the polarity of a transmitter.

  • You need to solder the transmitters to the PCB without a gap. If it has a gap, it is not possible to exhibit the best performance, because it cannot align the direction of the transmitters.

If you have any problem, please contact to international@switch-science.com

Technical details

Dimensions 165mm x110mm x40mm
Weight G.W 211g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8518290000
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