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Wixel 32 - 0.2

Hardware to support the 32-bit "unify" branch of the awesome "ESPixelStick" Open Source Firmware.
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  • This Groupbuy was created and initiated by Dan Visser, who owns all of the design’s intellectual property rights and is responsible for end-user support.
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Dan Visser
Electrical & Electronics Contractor Christmas Light enthusiast.


Basically an ESPixelStick, but with the following major differences:

1. Uses 32-bit ESP32 instead of the 8-bit ESP8266 and runs the "unify" branch of the awesome ESPixelStick firmware. Found here "". Check out the notes there for detailed software differences by those awesome lads.

2. Two pixel data outputs instead of one.

3. Micro SD Card support, allowing user to play fseq files directly or put the Wixel-32 into FPP remote slave mode (sync/play commands, etc) to reduce wifi traffic.

4. 5V to 24V DC supply capable, 5V supply is passed through up to 5.5V, then 8 to 24V is passed through on-board 5V switch mode power supply. Reverse polarity protection included.

5. Solid terminals for the DC supply in and pixel data out.

6. Mounting holes for user convenience.

7. Fully buffered data outputs.

The Wixel-32 controller size is 50mm (L) x 52mm (W).





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