XY-Plotter Robot Kit (No Electronics)
  • XY-Plotter Robot Kit (No Electronics)
  • XY-Plotter Robot Kit (No Electronics)

XY-Plotter Robot Kit (No Electronics)

SKU 110990022
New version available: XY-Plotter Robot Kit v2
This item is no longer available.
This kit can be used to build a XY-Plotter. You can use the XY-Plotter to build a lot of interesting applications such as a drawing robot. It works very well, precise and stable. 
  • Strong aluminum extrusion parts, anodizing surface
  • Two Metal stepper motor with back shaft
  • 12V Solenoid include
  • Closed type bushing block and ball bushing insert for use in linear motion applications
  • Four-bolt aluminum alloy bushing block for a lightweight ready-to-mount installation
  • Synthetic resin retainer plate for accurate ball guidance and low noise
  • Four rows of recirculating balls inside the ball bushing for smooth running
  • Integral lip seals to retain lubricant and protect against contamination
  • Round steel shaft for use with slide units in linear motion applications.
  • Chrome plated for corrosion resistance
  • Case hardened for wear resistance
  • Precision ground for consistent ball bushing radial clearance
With this kit, you can only build a XY-Plotter without controller. You can use your own electronic parts to drive this. We also offer a kit with electronic parts here, you may save about 30$ of the electronic parts with this kit.
Kit Includes:
4 × Linear Motion Shaft D8×4802 x Stepper Motor30 × Plastic Rivet 4120
6 × Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm2 × Stepper Motor Bracket25 × Plastic Ring 4x7x2mm
1 × Solenoid-12V4 × Timing Pulley 90T10 × Plastic Ring 4x8x1mm
2 × Beam 0824-4968 × Timing Pulley Slice 90T35 × Screw M4×8
1 × Beam 0824-1441 × Open-end Timing Belt (3m)60 × Screw M4×14
3 × Beam 0824-1283 × Link Rod2 × Srew M4×30
1 × Beam 0824-962 × Shaft Connector-440 × Nylong Lock Nut M4
3 × Beam 0824-803 × Threaded Shaft 4×31mm20 × Nut M4
1 × Beam 0808-803 × Shaft Collar 4mm15 × Nylon Cable Ties
1 × General Bracket4 × Flange Bearing 4x8x3mm1 × Cross Screwdriver
2 × Bracket 3x68 × Headless Set Screw M3x51 × Screwdriver 3mm
14 × Bracket 3×315 × Countersunk Screw M3x82 × Screwdriver 1.5mm
2 × Plate 3×6  


If you have any further question for technical support, please contact waker@makeblock.cc or visit forum of Makeblock.
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What is the maximum movement of each of the axis?
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