It’s reliable and of 2.54mm pitch, but we always found it too big to fit on smaller modules, and the DIP pin hinders smaller bricks. The accelerate-meter looks cuter sitting on the connector, but would you prefer a smaller SMT one?

We were brainstorming use some of our electronic brick sensors as alternative probe for DSO nano, quite a part of the sensors do the job and why don’t we just use 3.5mm audio jack as the electronic cable?  The cost would be much lower, since minions audio jacks are in current stock.

Though we are quite excited about this upgrade.  We are still worried about possible bridging between Vcc and GND. Some in-depth endurance test of this design is needed.


  • Smaller
  • Compatible with DSO nano, Music Shield (why not record something other than audio?)
  • Widely available
  • Much Cheaper


  • Possible shortage while plugging
  • not 2.54mm pitch
  • Other unknown issues

How do you think? 🙂

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