What happens when a government wants to build hackerspaces?

It is going to be true! Shanghai Government Technology committee has announced a proposal that to build 100 “innovation houses” funded by the Chinese government. Each space is required to be at least 100 square meters, open more than 200 days a year, and equipped with wood lathes, metal lathes, saws and drill grinding combined machine, milling machine and other tools. Sounds nice!


The official government announcement (English version) says the Shanghai government wants to boost folk innovation and nurture local makers by building up those hackerspaces. Actually, the first Chinese hackerspace, XinCheJian, was exactly started in Shanghai last November, by David Li and partner/project generator Ricky Ng-Adam.



We also have the new buddy, ChaiHuo, the first hackerspace in Shenzhen. Their long-term goal is to spread the concept and philosophy of “Maker” across China and inspire Maker Spaces in every large city from east to west.


But back to the question, what’ the result? Don’t know yet. It’s good to see that people start recognizing the importance of folk innovation. Funding and equipments are also good, at least more and more spaces will be available to the makers. But, hey don’t get too close! Leave the spaces to the folk and release the leadership to the makers. Who knows what will come out from those smart brains?

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