RF Explorer on Magazine

RF Explorer is highly recommended on a German magazine Tools 4 Music.

In the article, the author Von Stenfan Kosmalla said “Every engineer has his own tool case, which is like a name card for its owner. Some tool cases have only a tape and a marker, and others may contain everything needed for all possible situations. And RF Explorer will find his place in the tool case of every sound engineer. “

In the article the author gives a description of RF Explorer and guide how to use it. RF Explorer’s easy use, LED resolution & brightness, the nice PC software and specific WIFI functionality, etc. are also given positive comments in the article.

The author also points out Pros and Cons. The only Cons is that the frequency span is limited to 100MHz only (expensive commercial analyzers can get up to 1000MHz typically). As for that, we have a piece of good news for you, RF Explorer’s designer Ariel is working on an expansion firmware that will show up to 300MHz sometime in the future. Let’s stay tuned:)

Besides, RF Explorer is also recommended on Monacor International as “the new helpful tool for anyone using wireless microphone systems and in-ear monitoring systems for mobile applications and wishing to avoid nasty surprises during the event…..”

Thank you so much for the recommendation. We will keep it up and make more and more cool products and great services for you.

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August 2012