DSO Quad Application Software Competition

Entry Time Oct. 18, 2012—Jan. 15, 2013
ParticipantsDSO Quad hobbyists 

1、All entries must be original works created by the person alone or with partners.

2、Develop application software on the basis of DSO Quad.

Participants are able to:

1) DIY any genres of products,

2) Change the hardware of DSO Quad,

3) Develop new features for the products according to the open source resources. Other features (not confined to oscilloscope functions) are also welcomed;

3、The author must publish the data (source code, schematics etc.) of his/her entry: The description and pictures of DIY process must be detailed and authentic;

4、Entries will be marked with “entry” after the title when posted in the forum.

Methods of participation:

Please log in to Seeed Studio Forum, post in the dedicated area of DSO Quad. Please mark “entry” after the title/theme when posting in the forum.

E.G.: DSO Quad Interface Design-[DSO Quad Application Software Design Entry]

Forum Link: http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=22

NOTE:The participants must provide application software and screenshots in the post, and also send the source code to [email protected] . Software source codes will be published after the activity ends. 

Adhering to the principle of “complete confidentiality”, the judge panel will make comprehensive evaluations of the entries’ design level, innovation ideas etc; and then award cash prizes to the participants whose entries win. The final results will be published within 15 working days after the activity ends.

Platinum Prize: US$3,000.00
Gold Prize: US$1,500.00

Silver Prize: US$800.00

Bronze Prize: US$300.00

Special Declaration

1、This activity is specially organized for DSO Quad hobbyists, designs for other oscilloscopes won’t  be accepted;

2、For the rating of the entries, the judging panel won’t exclude the following possibilities:

1) More than one entry are ranked under the same rating;

2) No entry is ranked under certain rating;

3、Since the judging panel will consider various aspects of the design during the process of evaluation, the participants can’t complain about the results;

4、All entries will be taken as open source products, win or not, the entries are accessible to everyone;

5、All rights are reserved by the event organizer.

Appendix: Open source materials

http://www.seeedstudio.com/document/Nano material1.zip


Invitation Letter to Judges of DSO Quad Application Software Competition

Self-recommendation Requirements

1、 Professionals in electronic field: experienced in electronics; priority will be given to those with qualification certification.

2、 Familiar with electronic technology, have unique insight about the interface, display, operation and user experience of electronic products.

3、 Evaluate the entries objectively, with fair and just.

Schedule for judging:Jan 18, 2013 to Jan 31, 2013

Special Declaration

1、 The judging panel will work without compensation, have no relation to any personal benefits; after the activity ends, the judging panel will be given souvenirs;

2、 Work with good faith; do not release the information (information of the participants/entries/judges etc.) of the activity before the evaluation ends.

3、 The judging panel is the only group that affects the results of this activity; all judges must preserve personal integrity and abide by professional ethics.

Application Time:From today to Dec. 31, 2012 (subject to mailing time)

Application Method: Email to [email protected] to apply. Self-recommendation info and personal info are required.


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4 thoughts on “DSO Quad Application Software Competition

  1. So the judging is over, can’t wait to see the results !

    If Petteri’s work is typical of the standard, we’re in for a treat (and a new lease of life on our DSO Quads)

    1. Hi Petteri, thank you very much for your concern. There will be standards for the judges to evaluate the entries. And the standards will cover the following elements: functionality, method of operation,user experience, etc.

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