Waterproof PCB and Nano-coating

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nano coating

Just as you see from the picture shown above: yes, this Seeeduino is waterproof :D. We used to use electronic sealant or rubber to provide waterproof property to PCBs. However, these methods made PCBs ugly and heavy. Since we believe “electronics can be art”, we take advantage of science and technology to adopt some other more convenient waterproof measures. And here we would like to introduce the Nano-coating technology.


Nano-coating is a special infiltration process, which provides PCBs with a waterproof layer. This waterproof layer of nano-coating can protect electronic parts from problems such as short circuit or damage while contacting with liquid. Besides, the nano-coating strengthens PCBs’ durability.

What’s even better is the PCBs can work underwater! Your wild ideas of exploring underwater world with electronics/remote control etc can become reality much more easily! Here, we have a testing with a PCB covered with nano-coationg (Seeeduino Mega256). After putting the PCB in a fish tank, we connected it with the DC12V power. And you can see the LED is lighting up. In order to confirm that the PCB is ok, we used an LED circuit in the 1st experiment. The LED is blinking after plugging the red and black wires onto the Seeeduino. And then in the 2nd experiment, we changed to DC motor. The wheel rotates as soon as the connection is finished. See how it works from the following video:

If you have water-proof requirements for your PCBs, please feel free to contact us & we’ll provide this service to you.

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June 2014