Hello World of AI–Seeed introduces your next AI solution device

Hey community,

Welcome to the world of AI, it is about getting way smarter.

In the year 2021, as the new decade begins, the world is now an interconnected place. Our houses, factories, roads, and public facilities, are filled with countless sensors, gathering more data than we can imagine about our environment. Today, you too can make such a device to work with this data. However, the complexity of real-world problems requires a more refined solution.

Seeed has been dedicating our product development to AI for the past few years, we have to bring the latest AI technologies to our single board computers and deliver to the community users the powerful AI solutions they could have. We have partnered with the leading AI company, NVIDIA, and serving the industry for 12 years by bringing the technologies and AI hardware products all over the world.

However, the biggest gap that we are solving here is how can we shorten the gap between the new technology and the old traditional industries. To close up the gap, it should be the people who work on the software side and doing the development. And also, the size of the hardware has to be smaller, which will be able to squeeze into many applications. The hardware is getting smaller and more powerful, we are very excited to see new technologies that can bring a new wave of AI adoption.

To find the better solution to the problems, our answer is machine learning. Machine learning is a subset of AI, it’s the automation of automation, it works on algorithms that learn and improve from data. If you are a new beginner in AI learning, Seeed has been incubating a lot of hardware and devices that beginners can use, to get you to start in creating and deploying small-sized machine learning models to low-power and low-footprint devices, such as MCUs, like WioTerminal.

WioTerminal is a great toolset to get you to start building and have your first IoT project up and running. It is a perfect device for experimenting and prototyping your TinyML applications.

Here are some main features of Wio Terminal:

1. It has excellent compatibility with Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers and Edge Impulse, a web-based simple-to-use platform for training and development of machine learning models.

2. WioTerminal has rich hardware integrated with a sturdy plastic case – a set of built-in sensors, an LCD screen, buzzer, buttons, and joystick. Plenty to get you started! And you can also add more than 300 Grove sensors by connecting them to Grove ports on Wio Terminal.

3. TinyML with Wio Terminal course for beginners includes 12 lessons and 5 projects to help beginners get started with Wio Terminal and TinyMl step by step. There is a vibrant online community and a practical manual on how to get started with TinyML with Wio Terminal.  The manual and the case studies on the online community are the best guides to help you start your project.

4. A choice of connectivity options available right out of the box – Wio Terminal has both WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces to build your AI and IoT applications.

Today, we are announcing the partnership between Seeed and Edge Impulse, by utilizing the embedded AI, we can “teach old sensors new tricks”. For example, we can use a built-in accelerometer to recognized various actions. From data acquisition to model training, and finally deployment and use.

We are accelerating the solution development by paring ready-to-use certified Wio Terminal with Azure IoT Central, which is an IoT Plug and Play enables developers to integrate smart devices into solutions without complex manual configuration, reducing the barrier for beginner developers and saving the overall timeline of the project building. And, we have many projects and resources to help your idea comes to life.

Bonus! Join us for the Wio Terminal free trial campaign, share with us your creative AIoT projects and get a Wio Terminal device for free!

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