3.2 Inch Primary Display for Raspberry Pi

3.2 Inch Primary Display for Raspberry Pi

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The 4DPi-32 is a 3.2 Inch Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi, which plugs directly on top and displays the primary output like what is normally sent to the HDMI or Composite output. It features an integrated Resistive Touch panel, enabling the 4DPi-32 to function with the Raspberry Pi without the need for a mouse. 

Communication between the 4DPi-32 and the Raspberry Pi is interfaced with a high speed 48Mhz SPI connection, which utilises an on-board processor for direct command interpretation and SPI communication compression, and features a customised DMA enabled kernel. This combination allows this display to output 25FPS when displaying a typical image/video, and can achieve higher depending if the image can be compressed. 

The 4DPi-32 is designed to work with the Raspbian Operating System running on the Raspberry Pi, as that is the official Raspberry Pi operating system. 

The 4DPi-32 features a breakout header (P2), which enables all of the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins to be accessed while the 4DPi-32 is connected. These can be access with jumper wires or with an IDC ribbon cable.  

Note*: Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and all references to the words Raspberry Pi or the use of its logo/marks are strictly in reference to the Raspberry Pi product, and how this product is compatible with but is not associated with the Raspberry Pi Foundation in any way. 


  • Universal 3.2 Inch Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B and B+.

  • 320x240 QVGA Resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel.

  • Display full GUI output / primary output, just like a monitor connected to the Raspberry Pi.

  • High Speed 48MHz SPI connection to the Raspberry Pi, featuring SPI compression technology.

  • Typical frame rate of 25 Frames per second (FPS), higher if image can be compressed further by the kernel. Lower if no compression is possible.

  • Powered directly off the Raspberry Pi, no external power supply is required.

  • On/Off or PWM controlled backlight, selectable by on board jumper.

  • Module dimensions: 57.2 x 92.2 x 21mm (including corner plates). Weighing ~ 50g.

  • Display Viewing Area: 48.60 x 64.80mm

  • 4x corner plates with 2.6mm holes for mechanical mounting.

  • RoHS and CE Compliant. 




Technical Details

Dimensions108mm x 66mm x 32mm
WeightG.W 82g    

Part List

3.2 Inch Primary Display for Raspberry Pi1


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Questions and Answers

Is this compatible with the Pi 3? Is there a capacitive touch version available?
on Jun 02,2017
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I'm glad you asked, because it made me go read the datasheets. So THAT'S why it's on sale :-) This has the 26-pin headers. The newer Pi use 40-pin headers. The top 26 pins are the same, but many 26-pin female headers don't fit on a 40-pin male (on the Pi) because the plastic end of the header collides with pins 27-28. So you might need an adapter cable (Adafruit makes one that you can buy for about $3 at Digikey (or you can use a generic 26-pin ribbon cable and saw off any excess plastic on the pin-26 end :-) https://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2012/06/simple-guide-to-the-rpi-gpio-header-and-pins/ I was probably going to use it on my Pi 1B anyway.
on Jan 25,2018 01:45 AM
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Thanks! That was very helpful.
on Mar 14,2018 08:39 AM
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Compatible with raspberry pi 2?
on Oct 19,2016
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Same answer as for Pi3 - it has 26-pin headers, so you'll need a 40-to-26-pin adapter.
on Jan 25,2018 02:49 AM
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    3.2 Inch Primary Display for Raspberry Pi

    SKU 104110001
    This item is no longer available.
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