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The GoGo Board is an open-source device for educational robotics, scientific experiments, physical computing and automation. Designed for children ages 9 and older, the GoGo Board allows a child to focus on what he or she wants to invent without having to first learn the low-level details about electronics. The board works with most analog Grove sensors allowing the use of hundreds of readily available sensors from SEEED. The built-in screen can be used to show live sensor values without needing a computer. The GoGo Board controls 4 motors, which can be a mix of DC and servo types. A visual programming environment based on Google Blockly makes programming more accessible for beginners. The GoGo Board is an HID device requiring no driver installation, it is completely plug and play on both Windows and Macs. Just plug in the USB cable and you are ready to go. The GoGo Board also works with the Raspberry Pi allowing for projects that require more capable peripherals and computation.


  • Visual programming language based on Google Blockly and designed for beginners. Can be programmed using text as well.

  • Eight sensor ports. Works with most existing analog Grove sensors.

  • Four output ports. Works with DC and Servo motors

  • HID device. No driver installation. Automatic detection when plugged in on Windows and Macs.

  • Works with the Raspberry Pi for smartphone integration, vision, data logging and many other additional functionalities.

  • Built-in display, Infrared Receiver, I2C extension port

Technical Details

Dimensions232mm x 172mm x 70mm
WeightG.W 631g    
Analog Input 8 ports
Output 4 bi-directional ports with status LEDs
Communication 1xUSB, 1xUART, 2xI2C, 1xRaspberry Pi GPIO, Infrared Receiver
Display 4 digit 7-segment
Power Consumption 5V @ 100 - 1,000 mA depending on the load
Power Source Micro USB connector, Terminal block

Part List

GoGo Board1
Sensor Set1
Servo Motor (EMAX 9g ES08A High Sensitive Mini Servo SKU 108090000)1
micro USB cable (48cm SKU 321010007)1
IR remote control1
Grove Cables (Universal 4 Pin 30cm)10
JST cables4


ECCNNot Available


Questions and Answers

It is unclear what parts, sensors etc. are included in the kit. It seems that a platform is not included. A suggestion on the right product to buy would be useful.
on Mar 26,2017
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If you refer to: 1 x Sensor Set, it does not contain the list of included sensors in the set. Also GoGo Board needs a Raspberry? Or can it operate standalone? Does the Kit contain example software? Will it be mentioned in the wiki soon?
on Apr 14,2017 22:29 PM
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I can not get my remote for our gogo board to do anything, is there some simple solution to using the IR remote with the gogo board? The remote won't even work with my TV and is a frustrating problem for my students who want to make their rovers change speed and direction from a distance.
on Oct 21,2017
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The back of the remote has configuration settings but that may be what you tried. I'm just another teacher going through the same issue. You might try finding a different TV set/brand.
on Nov 16,2017 08:21 AM
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I got mine and now I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas? Should I start reading forums somewhere? #help!
on May 30,2017
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Use it as a controller for multiple outputs
on Nov 16,2017 08:20 AM
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    GoGo Board Kit

    SKU 110060322
    This item is not available at the moment
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