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EU868 MHz Smart Agriculture Kit using Ready-to-Use Private LoRaWAN-in-a-Box

Deploy IoT projects affordably, securely, and quickly in days, not months, with Seeed and Machinechat





    1.We offer two options for the master control: Odyssey Blue or reServer.For details about them, you can enter the link to view.

    2.Click the link to learn more about SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway - EU868.


    Click here to purchase Machinechat® JEDI Pro Seeed Studio Edition separately.

    Please purchase the kit separately and do not settle with the software.


    This ready-to-use private LoRaWAN-in-a-box combines Seeed's Studio® industrial-grade SenseCAP gateways and sensors with the robust all-in-one Machinechat JEDI Pro Seeed Studio Edition software. IoT developers, engineers, and IT architects can now deploy on-prem commercial IoT LoRa projects in days.

    Users can move IoT projects from field pilot to deployment with one set of hardware and software, while also being able to easily add on additional hardware at a later time. Customized LoRaWAN-in-a-box bundles easily accommodate different integration and use case scenarios. Users can focus on configuring, not coding, to get IoT projects deployed quickly. Achieve affordable, secure, local deployment of IoT projects with no monthly fees and no need for the cloud.


    • Seeed Studio SenseCAP gateways and sensors

      • Support LoRaWAN protocol Class A

      • Ultra-wide-distance transmission: up to 10 km line of sight

      • Support multiple ISM bands: EU868, US915, AU915, and AS923

      • Support Ethernet backhaul; cellular optional

      • Industrial grade protection:

        • IP66 enclosure

        • Suitable for outdoor applications

        • Operate in temperatures from -40°C to +70°C (up to +85°C for SenseCAP sensors)

      • High reliability and stability

      • Sensor battery life of 3+ years

      • Rapid installation and deployment

    • Machinechat JEDI Pro Seeed Studio Edition

      • Affordable all-in-one low-code software designed specifically for commercial IoT deployments; focus on configuring not coding

      • Single application binary that runs as a service with integrated database and managed local data storage

      • Ingest data from Seeed Studio’s SenseCAP LoRa sensors using the integrated Seeed Studio data collector (Chirpstack installation required)

      • Ingest data from virtually any device or sensor using integrated HTTP API server, TCP server, and MQTT broker

      • Configure dashboards to visualize real time and historical data with line, area, tile, radial, and data grid charts

      • Monitor data using integrated rules engine to trigger email notifications, SMS, or execute external scripts

      • Monitor whether devices and machines are online

      • Apply custom business logic to IoT data through data collector and action plug-ins

      • Modern browser-based user interface with SSL support and role-based user management

      • Supports up to 200 devices/sensors

      • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone platforms

      • Virtual data sensor feature allows developers to simulate project deployment scenarios


    • In-house or commercial IoT projects that require data logging and monitoring

    • Smart agriculture, greenhouse monitoring, landscaping, irrigation, and precision farming use case scenarios

    • Environment-related applications, such as fire detection, cold storage monitoring, and animal husbandry




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