Grove - Carbon Dioxide Sensor(MH-Z16)

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High sensitivity High Precision Non-dispersive infrared Temperature compensation UART output

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We've released the Seeed Gas Sensor Selection Guide, it will help you choose the gas sensor that best suits your needs.

The Grove - CO2 Sensor module is an infrared CO2 sensor high sensitivity and high resolution. Infrared CO2 sensor MH-Z16 Is a general-purpose, small sensors, the use of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) Present in the principle of the air CO2 Detect, with good selectivity, oxygen- dependent, long life, built-in temperature sensor, temperature compensation ,with UART output, easy to use. It can be widely used in HVAC and indoor air quality monitoring, industrial process monitoring and security, agriculture and livestock production process monitoring.

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IThe sensor value only reflects the approximated trend of gas concentration in a permissible error range, it DOES NOT represent the exact gas concentration. The detection of certain components in the air usually requires a more precise and costly instrument, which can not be done with a single gas sensor. If your projects aim to obtain the gas concentration at a very precise level, then we do not recommend this gas sensor.

Technical details

Dimensions 100mm x150mm x20mm
Weight G.W 26g
Battery Exclude
Measuring Range 0-2000 parts per million (PPM)
Resolution 1 PPM 0-2000 parts per million (PPM)
Accuracy 200 PPM
Warm up time 3 minutes
Response Time <90s
Operating Temperature 0 to 50℃
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90% RH
Storage Temperature - 20-60℃
Operating Voltage 4.5 V to 6 V DC
Maximum Current 100 mA
Average Current ≤50 ma
Output Mode UART

Part List

Grove - CO2 Sensor 1
Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 9027100090
USHSCODE 90230000
UPC 841454108559

Grove - CO2 Sensor

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    Works on Arduino...not so much with Raspberry Pi...yet This device is great, as long as you are using it with Arduino. I have tried a variety of techniques to get it to work with Raspberry Pi (and Windows IoT Core) with no luck. The project that this sensor was to be used for, has been changed to an Arduino project. No problem, the Arduino project is coming along nicely with this sensor!

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