Grove LED Bar v2.0
  • Grove LED Bar v2.0
  • Grove LED Bar v2.0
  • Grove LED Bar v2.0

Grove LED Bar v2.0

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  • 10 Leds
  • Arduino Library
  • Easy-to-Use
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    Grove – LED Bar is comprised of a 10 segment LED gauge bar and an MY9221 LED controlling chip. It can be used as a indicator for remaining battery life, voltage, water level, music volume or other values that require a gradient display. There are 10 LED bars in the LED bar graph: one red, one yellow, one light green, and the rest green. Demo code is available to get you up and running quickly. It lights up the LEDs sequentially from red to green, so the entire bar graph is lit up in the end. Want to go further? Go ahead and code your own effect.



    • Each LED segment can be controlled individually via code

    • Grove module

    • Plug-and-play

    • Can be cascaded for a larger display

    • Flexible power option, supports 3-5.5DC

    • Available demo code



    Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our forum

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