Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor

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Three independent gas channels in one package Built with ATmega168PA Detectable gases include:Carbon monoxide (CO) , Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) , Hydrogen (H2) , Ammonia (NH3) , Methane (CH4) , etc Grove compat

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We have updated the product to Multichannel Gas Sensor v2 with more detailed documents and more onboard sensor modules. And we offer a lower price!

Grove – Multichannel Gas sensor is an environment detecting sensor with a built-in MiCS-6814 which can detect many unhealthy gases. 3 gases can be measured simultaneously due to its three channels, so it can help you to monitor the concentration of more than one gas.

This sensor belongs to the Grove system, and you can plug it onto the Base shield and work with Arduino directly without any jumper wires. The interface is I2C, so plug it onto the I2C port of Base shield, then you can start to work on it.


We've released the Seeed Gas Sensor Selection Guide, it will help you choose the gas sensor that best suits your needs.


  • Three fully independent sensing elements on one package

  • Built with ATmega168PA

  • I2C interface with programmable address

  • Heating power can be shut down for low power

  • Detectable gases: Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Hydrogen (H2), Ammonia (NH3), Methane (CH4), etc.

Technical details

Dimensions 89mm x140mm x6.8mm
Weight G.W 10g
Battery Exclude
Voltage 3.1~ 5.25V
Ripple(@Max Power) 80~100mV
Max Heating Power 88mW
Max Power 150mW
ADC Precision 10Bits
I2C Rate 100kHz
VIL(@I2C) -0.5~0.99V
VIH(@I2C) 2.31~5.2V

Part List

Grove – Multichannel Gas Sensor 1
26AWG Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 9027900000
USHSCODE 8517620090
UPC 841454107910



Multichannel Gas Sensor
Decrease fire losses by identifying fire class and agent using machine learning applied on the drone collected environmental data from fumes
Our mission with nature is to preserve it, designing and implementing technologies and monitoring methods with the help of IoT via Helium.
Provide continuous info about room temperature, humidity, CO2 and luminoscity levels and turn on leds at the end of the work to relax eyes
Grove – Multichannel Gas sensor is a environment detecting sensor with a built in MiCS-6814 which can detect many unhealthful gases, and three gases can be measured simultaneously due to its multi channels, so it can help you to monitor the concentration



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    The device unfortunately has an issue where its onboard microcontroller locks up, requiring a hard reset. This means the standard Grove interface can not restore operation. One must solder an additional control wire to the nRST pad on the back of the board and run it to a GPIO on Arduino in order to reset the sensor's microcontroller. Grove devices should work with only I2C.
  3. Rating
    Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor We love the product works well with Arduino. Sadly, we are struggling to make it work with Raspberry Pi 3 (RPI-3). We believe and think this product would very well with RPI-3 fans.

    Furthermore, we use a lot of your Grove Sensors and believe having Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor work with RPI-3 would a feather in your cap.

    With sincere regards & thank you

    Dhirendra Damji - AKA Doc Yoda (email - ddyoda@gmail.com)
    based in Tempe, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    A loyal customer who buy buys directly through your Website
  4. Rating
    received in good condition but shipping company charged a lot as extra fee at time of delivery The product is good but the shipping company associated with seeedstudio is not satisfies. Thry charge more that the value of product as custom duty.

    The duty charged by government custom was near about the 15 percent of total value they charged. rest they charge as handling fee, other fee and etc.

    SEESDSTUDIO should take some action as its not good deal for customer at the end.
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    Great Parts Works great.


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