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LHT52 Indoor LoRaWAN Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor - US915, Smart home, Smart office, Smart factory

LHT52 monitors environment temperature and humidity and sends these values via long-range wireless LoRaWAN protocol. It targets professional wireless sensor network applications such as food service, smart metering, smart cities, building automation, and so on.

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  • Wide Measuring Range: can measure air temperature range from -20 ~ 50°C and humidity range from 0 ~ 99.0 %RH(No Dew)

  • Low-power consumption: 2 x AAA LR03 batteries working for a long time up to 2 years

  • Long-range data transmission: Data can be transmitted within a range of 3~5 kilometers

  • Support for multiple platforms: Quick to use on platforms like Helium and TTN

  • Optional external probe: Supports external probes, such as the addition of surface temperature detection sensors.

  • Data retrievability: a maximum of 178 historical data items can be extracted through a downlink command for you to retrieve sensor value 

  • Alarm Function: Not all the data is valuable. LHT52 enables you to focus on those data that you need to take action for

  • Flexible parameter configuration: Supports AT commands to change parameters, can remotely configure parameters through LoRaWAN Downlink


This sensor collects environment temperature and humidity and sends these values via long-range wireless  LoRaWAN v1.0.3 protocol. It can work with the standard LoRaWAN gateway, like Helium hotspots SenseCAP M1, and TTN hotspots.

It also has Datalog capability to ensure sensor data won’t be missed. Every uplink data will be recorded, and you can retrieve these values via the downlink command.

Each LHT52 has unique LoRaWAN OTAA keys. To use LHT52 in a LoRaWAN network, you need to input the OTAA keys in the LoRaWAN network server, only then it can start to transmit data.  The default period for each uplink is 20 minutes.

You can set a threshold value that you need to be notified or take action to. When the temperature or humidity exceeds that pre-configured range, it will send an uplink immediately. The alarm mode can be modified by AT command or downlink. Note: the alarm mode is disabled by default. If you need to enable the Alarm mode, please refer to the user manual.


LHT52 is mainly used for indoor environment monitoring. If you need a sensor that meets the industrial standards, you can choose SenseCAP S2101 LoRaWAN Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor, which can work from -40 to 80 ℃ and has IP66 rugged case to withstand exposure to an outdoor environment. S2101's built-in 19Ah battery can support up to 10 years of usage while built-in Bluetooth can enable 1 minutes integration to quickly get it started.  


Air Temperature


-20 ~ 50°C                                                                            


0.01 °C 


Typ ±3 °C

Long Term Drift

< 0.02 °C/yr

Air Humidity


    0 ~ 99.0 %RH(No Dew)




    Typ ±3%RH

    Long Term Drift

    < 0.02 °C/yr


    LoRaWAN Protocol

    V1.0.3 Class A


    2 x AAA LR03 battery (Not included in delivery)

    IP Rating



     Idle: 5uA, Transmit: max 110mA

    Storage and Operation Temperature

    -20°C to +50°C

    External Temperature Probe(Default Package doesn't include, For purchase please contact:[email protected])


    AS-01 base on DS18B20

    Accuracy Range

    ±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C

    ±2°C accuracy from -55°C to +125°C



    Operation Temperature

    -55 °C ~ 125 °C 

    Cable Length

    2 meters


    • Exhibition environment Monitoring for pieces and antiques: The relative humidity is at 45% and the temperature is between 65°F and 68°F,  lowering the temperature greatly increases the longevity of collections.
    • Basement/Garage environment monitoring: these two locations are mainly used to store something that may be sensitive to the temperature and humidity
    • Greenhouses environment monitoring: The ideal temperature for a greenhouse is between 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (26.5 – 29.5 degrees Celsius)
    • Schools/offices environment monitoring: To protect health and comfort,  it is important that indoor relative humidity be maintained below 60%, ideally between 30% and 50% and the air temperatures be maintained in a range of 70°F  to 78°F


    5.8 x 5.8 x 2.0 cm

    Part List

    Sensor 1
    Double Coated Tissue Tape 2


    HSCODE 9025800090
    RoHS 1



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