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      KiwiSDR Enclosure

      KiwiSDR Enclosure

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      Metal enclosure for the KiwiSDR kit or KiwiSDR board when used with a BeagleBone  Green.

      Includes internal cooling fan that plugs into the Grove connector of the BeagleBone Green for power.

      Technical Details

      Dimensions120mm x 80mm x 50mm
      WeightG.W 284g    
      MaterialAnodized aluminum

      Part List

      Top and bottom annodized aluminum enclosure pieces2
      Annodized aluminum end plates with connector cutouts2
      3.3V fan with BeagleBone Green compatible Grove connector1
      Strip of double-sided sticky tape for fan mounting1
      M3 metal screws12
      M3 star washers6
      M3 plastic nuts4
      metal standoffs3
      plastic standoffs1
      Bumper feet for bottom of enclosure4


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        KiwiSDR Enclosure

        SKU 114991251
        6 Available
        Ships on
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