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      L3D Cube (8x8x8 Full Color Kit)

      L3D Cube (8x8x8 Full Color Kit)

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      The L3D Cube is a 3D LED display that will blow your MIND! 512 RGB LEDs in a 8x8x8 array. Works out of the box. 100% open-source. Programmable over your home's wifi. Built-in microphone for INSANE music visualizations. This is the top selling 8x8x8 3D LED Cube kit in the world with an ever-expanding collection of 3D LED Cube apps at

      L3D Cube: Your First Volumetric Display  from  Looking Glass  on  Vimeo.


      • The L3D Cube is a full color 8x8x8 LED cube that shows brilliant images and animations in 3D.

      • Easier to assemble than an Ikea shelf!  Takes just 30 minutes, no soldering required.

      • No programming required to get started -- just assemble and plug it in. Comes preloaded with our most popular visualizations.

      • Once you're ready to start programming on the Cube, make new 3D apps in minutes using Processing or Arduino (a.k.a.Wiring).

      • Create and share your own 3D Cube apps online at with a click of a button.

      • All of the hardware & software is completely open source under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.5 license.


      • Power: 5V 1A USB power can handle most applications on your Cube - so, this sucker can run off your computer, wall wart, or a battery pack. For super intense visualizations, we've also included a 2A adapter. 100VAC - 220VAC input (you will need to supply your own prong adapter if outside the US)

      • 512 WS2812B RGB LEDs, 100% tested.  We ship with a replacement reed of 8 LEDs, just in case.

      • Comes with a Spark Photon for instant WiFi connectivity and blazing processor speeds.

      • Arduino-compatiable -- includes headers for adding your favorite Arduino.

      • Laser-cut acrylic housing.

      • Built-in microphone and 3-axis accelerometer.

      • Assembly instructions here.

      • Product Weight: 1089.0 grams

      • Product Dimensions: 25cm x 22cm x 7cm

      Five ways to use your L3D Cube

      • Plug it in, no setup!  A standard set of visualizations will automatically start playing when you first plug in your cube.  *NEW:  you can control the visualizations by tilting your cube, thanks to the included accelerometer!

      • Download new applications from CubeTube wirelessly to your cube with the click of a button.

      • Write your own programs for the Cube in Arduino language or Processing.  The programs can be stored in the cube's memory or can be streamed to your cube from a computer over your WiFi network.  Here's the definitive guide to programming in 3D in a cube.

      • Connect together multiple cubes and make them interact.

      • Hack it!  Add your own sensors for new interactions or make improvements to your cube itself.  Everything (hardware+software) is open-source and fully documented so hacking is fun!


      Technical Details

      Dimensions250mm x 200mm x 70mm
      WeightG.W 1095g    


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      L3D Cube (8x8x8 Full Color Kit)

      SKU 110990460
      3 Available
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