LogicStart Shield

LogicStart Shield

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The LogicStart Shield provides everything needed to get started with VHDL and FPGA development on the Papilio with one convenient and easy to connect circuit board.
Learn VHDL with Mike Field's free book written specifically for the Papilio and to be updated for the LogicStart Shield soon.
Dive into the exciting world of customizable Soft Processor's with the  ZPUino. Custom peripheral's such as a ZX Spectrum compatible VGA adapter and classic audio chips are just a few of the exciting possibilities. The LogicStart gives you peripherals to experiment with!
Explore the VHDL source code of classic video games such as Pac-Man! The LogicStart's VGA output and Micro-Joystick allow all of the Papilio Arcade games to be synthesized.
 Snap off the specially designed VGA Wing along the V-Score groove and you can free up two 8-bit Wing slots!
  • 7 Segment Display - 4 Character
  • VGA Port - 4r,4g,4b VGA Output
  • Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Jack, Low Pass Filter
  • 4 Directional Buttons
  • 6 Analog Channels connected to ATmega32U4 on Papilio DUO
  • 8 LED's - User Feedback
  • 8 Slide Switches - User Input
  • Snap off the VGA portion of the circuit to free up two 8-bit Wing Slots


LogicStart Shield Schematics

Download a PDF version of Mike Fields book

Source code for Mike Fields book

Collection of open-source books on VHDL

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Technical Details

Dimensions160mm x 110mm x 23mm
WeightG.W 51g    


ECCNNot Available


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    LogicStart Shield

    SKU 108990018
    14 Available
    $24.99/ 1pcs+
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