Motor Bridge Cape

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The Motor Bridge Cape features bi-directional motor control using two TB6612FNG integrated dual H-bridge, so it can control two stepper motors or four brushed DC motors with 6~15V DC power and about 1A current draw per motor. The cape provides 5V regulated power to SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green or BeagleBone Black with a max input voltage of 15V. It also has six servo control interface and six expand IO. All the features are provided by the on board STM32F0 coprocessor. The coprocessor can communicate with BeagleBone by I2C or UART interface.


  • • ŸCan drive 4 DC Motors or 2 Stepper Motors
  • • ŸCan drive 6 Servos
  • • ŸMbed Platform
  • • ŸSTM32F0 coprocessor
  • • ŸTwo TB6612FNG
  • • Ÿ6 expand IOs
  • • ŸCommunicate with BBG by I2C or UART interface


  • • ŸBattery Input Voltage: 6~15V
  • • ŸH-bridge Working Voltage: 6~15V
  • • ŸDC/DC 5V output current: 2A max
  • • Ÿ3V3 output current: 350mA max
  • • Ÿ4 H-bridge driver,each rated current:1.2A, peak current:3.2A
  • • Ÿ6 Servo driver, working voltage: 5V, total current is not more than 1.5A
  • • ŸInput reverse connect protection
  • • ŸOver current protection: 3A one-off quick fuse


Basic Demo

It is a demo which we connect Motor Bridge Cape with SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green to drive 1 Stepper Motor, 2 DC Motors and 6 Servos at the same time.


Please visit our Wiki page for more information about this product. It will be much appreciated if you can help improve the documents, add more demo codes or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to our Forum.

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