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Mr.Basic Mobile Robotic Platform

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Mr. Basic Mobile Robotic Platform is a reliable and expandable platform that can be used as your DIY robot platform. And it's a simple 4WD robot chassis with an aluminium base, 2 motors/gearboxes and a 3xAA battery holder.
It consists of aluminum chassis and dynamic gears, so it can provide a strong and durable structure for your projects. More importantly, there are a prototype PCB on top and can give you immense pleasure and flexible mechanical movements.
  • Strong and durable Aluminum alloy chassis
  • Two 4.5 voltage powerful motors
  • Easy to assemble, modular and expandable structure
  • Independently packaged parts for easier identification and assembly
  • Dimensions: 135*68*30mm(or *65,65 include bread board)
  • The motors are rated 4.5V-6V with a no load current of 250mA and a stall current of 1.8A @ 4.5V each.
  • 2 x Motor gear (T10, Hole1.9)
  • 4 x Motor gear (T10, Hole2.4) + axis (Diameter2.5 L23)
  • 2 x Double-pinion (T30+10,Hole2.4) + axis (Diameter2.5,L18)
  • 2 x Single-pinion (T36, Hole2.4) + axis (Diameter2.5,L45)
  • 4 x Axis joint device
  • 8 x Kimi screw
  • 2x Front axle (Diameter3,L44,One end 10,screw Thread M3) + crown gear (T20,Hole2.9)
  • 2 x Motor260
  • 1 x Moter260 holder
  • 1 x Chassis
  • 2 x Decelerated pinion chassis
  • 4 x Big wheel
  • 4 x Large rubber wheel
  • 1 x Rear axle shaft fixer1
  • 4 x Rear axle shaft fixer2
  • 1 x Bumper board
  • 1 x Battery holder
  • 14 x Nylon Nut
  • 27 x M3 Nut
  • 1 x Front axle shift metal fixer1
  • 2 x Motor self-tapping screw ( M2.3*6)
  • 2 x Motor self-tapping screw ( M2.6*6)
  • 2 x Spacer (outer4 inner3 L6)
  • 4 x Spacer (outer4 inner3 L12)
  • 3 x Spacer (outer4 inner3 L30)
  • 1 x PCB
  • 20 x Screw M3*8
  • 4 x Screw M3*12
  • 2 x Grub screw M3*20
  • 3 x Screw M3*40
  • 4 x M3 spring washer
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★★★★★ Great bag
Purchased this for my 23 year old daughter in the butterscotch color. Great versatile color. She loves the size -- perfect for day or going out at night. Chain can be double to shorten for nighttime and left long to wear as a crossbody during the day.
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