Pixel v2.5 maker kit

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Create LED art installations and wearables using low cost, HUB75 based LED panels. PIXEL supports installations from 32x16, 32x32, 64x32, and 64x64 resolutions. Simply download PIXEL’s free apps for iOS, Android, or Raspberry Pi  and  send GIF animations, scrolling text, and your own pixel art creations in seconds, no soldering or coding required! As an added bonus, the free apps include 100+ works of original pixel art commissioned for this project.

The PIXEL:LED ART board includes an onboard microSD card allowing you to save your LED art designs locally which will loop indefinitely on the LEDs after your device has been Bluetooth disconnected. Or leave your Android or Raspberry Pi connected and custom code an interactive application displaying art or scrolling messages using our open source example code including support for external sensors (external sensors only supported on Android only firmware).

The PIXEL Maker’s Kit comes installed with the Android only firmware by default supporting LED panels from 32x16 to 64x64 and can easily be flashed via the onboard microSD card for iOS and wearable support too. Refer here for firmware upgrade instructions and note that only PIXEL 2.5 boards purchased after February 2018 have a firmware that can be upgraded via the onboard microSD card.

Firmware            Android App          

iOS App    

Raspberry Pi 


Grove Sensors  

Low Power 

for Wearables          

Hub75 LED Panel Support     
Android Only            Yes            No            Yes            Yes            No            

32×16, 32×32,

64×32, 64×64             



Yes            Yes            Yes            No            Yes            32×16 Only            



Yes            Yes            Yes            No            Yes            32×16 Only            

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After writing an animation or scrolling text to PIXEL’s onboard microSD card, your LED design will continue to play and loop after your device has been disconnected. Use PIXEL’s Raspberry Pi integration to create a dynamic installation like displaying different animations based on the weather for example.


The Android only firmware also supports Seeed Grove sensors, specifically 2 analog and 3 digital IO ports. For example, trigger certain animations when someone is near using a proximity sensor. To develop your own app for PIXEL, you'll need to be familiar with Android and/or Java programming and use the PIXEL SDK and sample code


See the PIXEL Maker’s Kit page for a list of tested and supported HUB75 LED matrix panels and power supply options. This kit does not include an LED matrix panel or power supply/battery. Your choice of power supply will depend on the number of LED Matrix panels in your installation. 

For technical support and suggestions, please visit our forum.

Also more information and instructions available at http://ledpixelart.com/maker including links to supported HUB75 LED matrix panels and power supply options.

Technical Details

Dimensions170mm x 120mm x 40mm
WeightG.W 156g    
HUB75 LED Matrix Panel Not Included

Part List

Pixel 2.5 PCBA1
Power Cable1
A to A USB 2.0 Cable1
MicroSD Card1
Blurtooth CSR4.0 USB Dongle1
Pixel Flat Cable


ECCNNot Available


Questions and Answers

Hi I'm not sure my last question went through. I want to know if I am able to add more fonts to the text creator on the app?
on Oct 10,2017
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Hi~To add more fronts,You should modify the app yourself. We have not try, so we do not know for sure.You ca n refer to the SDK and sample in this page.
on Oct 11,2017 11:19 AM
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Hi Priscilla, to add more fonts to the Pixel Text Android app, you'd need to modify the source code for that app and re-compile. It's a fairly easy change though. source here https://github.com/alinke/PixelText
on Nov 02,2017 10:24 AM
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    Pixel v2.5 maker kit

    SKU 110060094
    8 Available
    $59.00/ 1pcs+
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