Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the first module of the third-generation Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth 4.1 and Wifi.

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the first module of the third-generation Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth 4.1 and Wifi. It is the most famous powerful pocket SBC(single board computer) around the world. You can use this credit card sized computer to process documents, control robots, play large games, and watch HD videos...


Such a petite body has such huge power, mainly thanks to its powerful Quad Core Broadcom BCM2837 64bit CPU. Which upgraded the processor speed from the Raspberry Pi 2 900Mhz to Pi 3 1.2Ghz.


Another exciting upgrade is the Pi 3 B adds an onboard Bluetooth module and an onboard wifi module. The powerful wireless connectivity allows the Raspberry Pi to have a wider range of applications without the need for a wireless expansion module.


Meanwhile, Raspberry Pi 3B strengthens the power management system. Now the power source supplied by the Micro USB has increased to 2.5A. Which means it can drive more peripherals, such as a mouse, a keyboard, a speaker and more.


On top of all that, Raspberry Pi 3B's 40Pin GPIO Header is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 2. You can use all the existing Raspberry Pi 2 accessories and kits with the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B! 


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The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ was released on the π day( March 14 ) of 2018, it is the update version of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B


  • Quad Core 1.2GHz Broadcom BCM2837 64bit CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • BCM43438 wireless LAN and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board
  • 100 Base Ethernet
  • CSI camera port for connecting a Raspberry Pi camera
  • DSI display port for connecting a Raspberry Pi touchscreen display
  • 4 USB 2 ports / 40-pin extended GPIO

Raspberry Pi Hat 

We have a variety of Raspberry Pi accessories to help the Raspberry Pi achieve more features. For example, 4G communication hat, speech acquisition and noise reduction hat, high-precision ADC hat, CAN BUS communication hat, and RS485 communication hat.  You can click the image below to view all our Raspberry hat.

Raspberry pi 3B hat 

Technical details

Dimensions 120mm x75mm x34mm
Weight G.W 75g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1


ECCN 5A991.b
HSCODE 8471504090
USHSCODE 8517700000
UPC 841454117407
CE 1
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