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Seeedstudio Grove - TF Mini LiDAR ToF (Time of Flight) Distance Sensor


The TF Mini LiDAR is based on the ToF (Time of Flight) principle and integrated with unique optical and electrical designs, so as to achieve stable, precise, high sensitivity, and high-speed distance detection.

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The TF Mini LiDAR is based on the ToF (Time of Flight) principle and integrated with unique optical and electrical designs, so as to achieve stable, precise, high sensitivity, and high-speed distance detection.

How does a Time of Flight Sensor Work?

ToF is the abbreviation of Time of Flight technology, and its operating principle is as follows: a modulated near-infrared light is sent from the sensor and reflected by an object; the distance to the object to be shot can be converted with the sensor by calculating the time difference or phase difference between the light sending and the light reflection, so as to produce the depth information. 

ToF sensors use a tiny laser to fire out infrared light where the light produced out will bounce off any object and return to the sensor. Based on the time difference between the emission of the light and its return to the sensor after being reflected by an object, the sensor is able to measure the distance between the object and the sensor.


• Drone altitude holding and terrain following

• Machine control and safety sensor

• Robot distance detection

If you are using Seeeduino Lotus then just connect it with the Grove Serial Interfaces.

1.1 TF mini optical simulation of the optical path:

1.2 Measurement range schematic diagram:

1.3 Product Size Specifications


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Different LiDAR Modules Offered by Seeed Studio

The following table illustrates a comparison between the different LiDAR modules offered by us.

TF-LunaTFmini-STFmini PlusGrove - TF Mini LiDAR
Operating Range 0.2m -8m
0.1 m-12m
0.1 m-12m
Frame Rate 1-125Hz 1-1000Hz 1-1000Hz 100Hz
Distance Resolution 1cm 1cm 1cm 1cm
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.2m-3m)
±6cm@(0.1 m-6m)
1%(less than 6m)
FOV 3.6° 2.3°
Laser Wavelength 850nm 850nm 850nm 850nm
Light Sensitivity 70Klux 70 Klux 70 Klux 70,000lux
Output Data Single-point,
distance value
distance value
distance value
distance value
Communication Interface UART, I2C UART, I2C,I/O UART, I2C,I/O UART
Supply Voltage 5V±0.1V 5V±0.1V 5V±0.5V 4.5V-6V
Power Consumption ≤0.35W ≤0.7W 550mW 0.6W
Peak current 150mA 800mA 500mA 800mA
Operating Temperature -10°C~60°C 0°C~60°C -20°C~60°C -20°C-60°C
Laser Safety Class Class1(IEC60825) Class1 (IEC60825) Class1 (IEC60825) FDA Class I
Dimensions(L*W*H) 35*21.2*12.5mm 42*15*16mm 35*18.5*21 mm 42*15*16mm
Weight 5g±0.3g 5g±0.3g 12g±1g 4.7g
Enclosure Rating N/A N/A IP65 N/A

Technical details

Dimensions 42mm x15mm x16mm
Weight G.W 4.7g
Battery Exclude
Operating range 0.3m-12m
Maximum operating range at 10% reflectivity 5m
Average power consumption 0.6W
Applicable voltage range 4.5V-6V
Acceptance angle 2.3°
Minimum resolution ratio 1cm
Frequency 100Hz
Accuracy 1% (less than 6m), 2% (6m-12m)
Distance detection unit cm
Laser Wavelength 850nm
Operating temperature -20℃-60℃
Light sensitivity 70,000lux
Communication interface UART
Laser Safety Class FDA Class Ⅰ
LED peak current 800ma
Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) EN 55032 Class B

Part List

TF Mini LiDar 1
Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 9015100000
USHSCODE 9015108000
UPC 841454121336
EUHSCODE 9405413910
RoHS 1



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  1. Product Quality
    mini size, giant power
    better lidar tof mudule for drone, robotics and autopilot
  2. Product Quality
    Excellent !
    Very good
    product....Easy to use....and many examples of Arduino code on Youtube...
  3. Product Quality
    Connect sensor, start-up GUI and it works :D
  4. Product Quality
    Works very well!
    , it works very well using a standard 5V serial connection with an Arduino. I just used one of these in a Siri-compatible garage door opener/closed.
  5. Product Quality
    Best small rangefinder ever!
    These are great, easy to use, reliable, and they read very consistently, even outdoors. Be careful not to stress the connector by pulling on the wires or bending the connector. I broke one off doing this. The force wasn't that much, but over a few days it was too much for it. My fault though, not the TFMini. The only real downside with the TFMini is that it is serial, not I2C. But, the Rx pin (on the TFMini) isn't strictly needed, so you can get away only one data pin.


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