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      Seeeduino Mega(ATmega2560)

      Seeeduino Mega(ATmega2560)

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      Seeeduino Mega is a powerful micro-controller derived from Arduino Mega. It features ATmega2560 processor which brings a large number of I/O pins, as much as 70 digital I/O, 16 analog inputs, 14 PWM, and 4 hardware serial ports. Compared to Arduino Mega, we shrunk the volume of Arduino Mega by at least 30% and made it 100% compatible with Seeed Shield products. And as a member of Seeeduino series, Seeeduino Mega inherits deliberate details from Seeeduino, like selectable operating voltage(3.3V/5V), right angle reset button, and so on.


      • ATmega 2560 @ 16MHz

      • Selectable 5V/3.3V operation

      • 70 Digital IO

      • 16 Analog inputs

      • 14 PWM outputs

      • 4 Hardware serial ports (UART)

      • Compatible with most Arduino Duemilanove and Diecimila Shields

      • Small form factor, 30% smaller than Arduino Mega

      • Easy to program, no additional hardware is required to load firmware – just plug to a USB port and you’re good to go.

      • ICSP Header

      • Can be powered through a battery or through a AC to DC adaptor


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        Seeeduino Mega(ATmega2560)

        SKU 102010007
        8 Available
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