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Sipeed MAIX-II Dock - Deep Learning AI+IOT Linux 1080P Vision Development Board Kit


MAIX-II Dock kit (M2dock for short) is composed of MAIX-II core module and MAIX-II Dock baseboard, which is convenient for users to quickly verify the functions of MAIX-II.

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  • Powerful Allwinner V831 SoC with built-in NPU
  • Ability to run a complete Linux environment 
  • Ability to run deep learning applications at the edge 
  • Rich peripherals for project expansion


MAIX-II Core Module

Following the classic K210 MAIX-I series AIOT boards, Sipeed continues to launch a variety of edge computing boards that can run a complete Linux environment, which will be named after MAIX-II and MAIX-III in turn.

The MAIX-II core module is an entry-level edge computing (built-in NPU) board that can run in a Linux environment. It uses a fast-pluggable NGFF 67pin gold finger design and is equipped with Allwinner V831 SoC.

MAIX-I vs MAIX-II Comparison

Specification MAIX-I (K210) MAIX-II (V831)
CPU 400~600Mhz 800~1000Mhz (advantage items are marked with red, the same below)
Video encoder None H.264, up to 1080p@30fps, H265, up to 1080p@30fps, JPEG, up to 1080p@30fps
AI Accelerator NPU 0.23TOPS, support Conv+BN+ACT+POOL 0.2TOPS. support Conv,Inner_Product,Pool,Eltwise,ACT,BN,Split,Concat
Storage 16MB SPI Nor Flash Optional 16M flash
Camera DVP, maximum input 30W pixels 2lane MIPI, maximum support 1080P@60fps
Display 8bit MCU LCD 8bit MCU LCD, with adapter board can be connected to a maximum of 10 inches RGB LCD
SDIO None SMHC x2 (SDC0, SDC1)
I2C I2C x3 I2C x4 (TWI0, TWI1, TWI2, TWI3)
I2S 8bit I2S I2S x1 (I2S0)
Ethernet None 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet port with RMII interface
ADC None 1-ch 6bit LRADC for key

MAIX-II Dock Development Board Kit

MAIX-II Dock kit (M2dock for short) is composed of MAIX-II core module and MAIX-II Dock baseboard, which is convenient for users to quickly verify the functions of MAIX-II.

Maix-II Dock Onboard Device List

Label Maix-II Components Function Remarks
1 M.2 B-KEY female socket*1 Used to connect V831 core version Factory connected
2 Core board M2 copper pillar nut*1 Used to fix V831 core board with M2 screws Factory fixed
3 Power indicator LED light*1 Used to indicate whether the baseboard is normally powered on ---
4 Status indication LED light*1 User-programmable LED light, generally used for status indication ---
5 CPU reset button*1 Press to restart the V831 chip ---
6 User button*2 Can control two IO levels, custom functions ---
7 Wi-Fi module*1 Model RTL8189FTV, used to provide Wi-Fi function to the module SDIO interface
8 BTB camera interface*1 Used to connect BTB camera module Factory connected
9 Camera M2 copper pillar nut*2 Used to fix BTB camera Factory fixed
10 FHD camera*1 Default SP2305 Sensor BTB format, 1080P Default 6mm focal length M12 lens, users can choose other focal length lenses
11 USB to UART chip*1 Model GD32F150G8 for serial port debugging Factory burned firmware
12 Type-C interface (USB OTG) *1 USB OTG function for V831 Can be used for module power supply
13 Type-C interface (UART) *1 Used to debug V831's usual serial port Can be used for module power supply
14 Three-axis acceleration sensor*1 I2C interface can provide three-axis acceleration data ---
15 microSD card slot*1 For external microSD card The system of the module boots from the SD card by default
16 LCD interface*1 FPC0.5mm 24Pin, MCU interface ---
17 IPS HD screen*1 1.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 240*240 Factory connected
18 IPEX Wi-Fi Antenna Base IPEX (1st Generation) Wi-Fi Antenna ---
19 External extension headers General IO port of V831, which can be used to connect peripherals
20 Speaker interface*1 MX1.25 2P interface (pitch 1.25mm) ---
21 Speaker*1 8Ω1W 1609 composite aluminum film speaker Factory connected
22 Microphone*1 Analog electret microphone ---

Maix-II Dock hardware parameters

Item Parameter Remarks
Core board operating current: Typical: 50mA Linux no load
Core board size 22.1 * 24.9 * 3.0mm ---
Core board working temperature 38-65 ℃ ---
Kit working current: Typical: 490mA NPU+camera+LCD+Wi-Fi on
Kit size 48.9 * 33.9 * 36.1 ---

Recommended power supply >=5V, >=1A; any Type-C interface power supply
The location of MAIX-II Dock onboard components may vary slightly depending on the version, please refer to the corresponding version.

MAIX-Linux Software Features

MAIX-II (V831) is an iterative version of MAIX-I (K210), it has a higher CPU frequency, larger memory, and more complete peripheral support.
With Sipeed's MAIX-LINUX firmware (based on OpenWRT) adapted for edge computing, users can enjoy a more complete development environment and abundant software resources under LINUX.
Sipeed provides opkg package source for MAIX-Linux, integrates python3.8.5 environment by default, and brings unique maix npu acceleration package, making AIOT project design and development easier.
In order to conform to the traditional AI developer's usage habits, Sipeed adapts the Jupyter Notebook development environment for MAIX-II, making it easier to run python code

MAIX-Linux Resource Table

Specification Functions Remarks
Driver Provide the following peripheral drivers
SP2305 1080P camera driver Measured at about 20fps, provides RTSP demo
LCD display driver, st7789 Can be converted to ili9481 3.5 inch, or 4.3/5/7/10 inch RGB LCD
RTL8189FTV SDIO WIFI driver Measured rate 1~2MByte/s
USB device driver (under development)
Peripheral API Provide python operation API for the following peripherals
I2C API Example of reading onboard acceleration sensor
LRADC API Read onboard user button routines
Audio Audio, provide recording/playback API
System software package Opkg package management system based on openwrt
python software package The system is pre-installed with the following software packages Users can use pip to install other software packages by themselves
Maix Integrated NPU operation, only need load/infer to run the model
PIL(Python Image Library)
Others Users can send pre-installed software package suggestions to [email protected]
Other development resources Provide the following supporting development tools
Jupter NoteBook installation package Need to install supporting plug-ins
Cross compilation tool chain
QEMU virtual compilation environment (packing)
Online model conversion tool (under construction) Support ncnn model conversion

Application scenario

  • Smart home applications, such as robot cleaners, smart speakers, electronic door locks, home monitoring
  • Medical industry applications, such as auxiliary diagnosis, medical image recognition
  • Intelligent industrial applications, such as industrial machinery, intelligent sorting, electrical equipment monitoring
  • Educational applications such as educational robots, intelligent interactive platforms, and educational efficiency checks
  • Agricultural applications, such as agricultural monitoring, pest monitoring, automatic control

Hardware Overview

MAIX-II Core Module

MAIX-II Dock Development Board Kit

Part List

1 x Sipeed MIAX-II Dock - Deep Learning AI+IOT Linux 1080P Vision Development Board Kit


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USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8543709099
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