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      USB2AX v3.2a

      USB2AX v3.2a

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      The USB2AX is a small interface to control Dynamixel servos like the AX-12 from a computer. It plugs into a USB port and has a 3-pin Dynamixel connector to be connected to the servos.


      A typical use scenario is in a small mobile robot with a laptop or an embedded computer (like a Raspberry PI) as a brain and servos to move legs, arms or claws.


      What servos can it talk to?


      Basically, it can talk with any device which uses a half-duplex TTL interface (3-pins connector)  and the Dynamixel protocol. More specifically:

      • All of the AX servos (AX-12/AX-12+/AX-12A, AX-12W, AX-18F/AX-18A).

      • The"T"versions of the MX servos (MX-28T, MX-64T, MX-106T).

      • (Unsupported) It can probably communicate with some other servos that use the same protocol and interface as the AX servos, like the CDS5500.

      What can't it do?

      • The USB2AX can not communicate with the Dynamixel servos using the RS485 interface (the one with 4 pins).

      • Neither can it control any sort of hobby/RC servos or other brand of robot servos.

      • Compared to the USB2Dynamixel, it also lacks the RS232 port (with its big DB9 connector) used to program some controllers from Robotis like the CM-510.

      • It can not supply power to the servos.

      • It is not a generic USB to Serial (even though it can be modified to be one) and has very different capabilities than the LN-101.


      • Comunication with AX and MX Dynamixel servos (with 3 wires) @ 1Mbps

      • Very small (16x36mm)

      • Optimized latency

      • Protection against ESD and short circuits

      • Advanced functionalities: sync_read, bulk_read...

      • Windows / Linux / MacOS

      • Firmware updates

      • Open Source Software & Hardware, programmable and hackable!


      Driver (for Windows): usb2ax.inf

      For documentation, CAD files, sources:


      Technical Details

      WeightG.W 6g    


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        USB2AX v3.2a

        SKU 105990016
        This item is no longer available.
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