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This is a rush time since the NYC. All our team is devoting ourselves to the development of new products. The GROVE System is in processing, and the Rainbowduino Carnival has listed on the agenda. The more attention and feedback, the more we can do! Please expect to SeeedStudio with hope and confidence. Here is the list of new products arrives during this time, find the desirable wares and ENJOY!

  1. Seeeduino Film Motion Frame

Look at the picture below, is it a Seeeduino Film? No, absolutely not! It is Seeeduino Film Motion Frame designed for Seeeduino Film with the same appearance, flexible, super slim, and suitable to build wearable applications. It consists of a barometer, 32Mb flash and a 3axis accelerometer Sensor to provide sensing and logging of height, temperature, air pressure, motion. FILM and other extension FRAMEs could be simply connected via the 20p universal bus like a chain, native 2.54mm pitch pins also enable quick prototyping.

It can be applied in aviation, sports, data logging or environment sensing etc. Pages under construction, so stay tuned!

2. Electronic Brick – OLED 96*16 Display

Here we have researched and developed two OLED displays in different type: 96*16 and 128*64.

OLED 128*64 Display Brick is an OLED monochrome 128*64 dot matrix display module with 3.5mm TRRS jack I2C Interface. It uses the SD1308 chip in all the columns so that it can display contents in eight lines. By contrast, OLED 96*16 Display Brick only has 96*16 dot matrix display module. It uses the chip SSD1307 from column 31 to column 127. So it can only display contents in two lines.

The common features are high brightness, self-emission, high contrast ratio, slim outline, wide viewing angle, wide temperature range, and low power consumption.

3. Electronic brick – 125Khz RFID Card Reader

This is a module used to read RFID card information with two modes: Uart and Wiegand. It has high sensitivity with maximum 7cm sensing distance, and can be easily used with Arduino or Seeeduino by the 4 pins of Electronic Brick Interface.

4. Wireless Charger 300mA

Now we carry another wireless charger composed of transmitter and receiver module for the version v0.9b. It can output stable 5Vdc, easy to use, and design for 4.2V Li battery when necessary. It applies in close wireless charging or power supply to electronic products so that it can make your travel or business trip more convenient.

That’s all for this week, Thanks for your attention, and let’s look forward to GROVE and Rainbowduino Carnival! Cheer up!

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