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Rainbowduino Carnival 2009 was first announced on Oct 27th, 2009, right after the first batch of rainbowduino were sold. Our purpose was to know what’s people doing with Rainbowduino? We wanted to gather all those inspirations and share them to our customers.

One month later, we received 7 cool projects from our customers. It’s not many but each of them had caught our eyes. Now let’s check them out again!

Project list:

Lipsyncing Robot Face and Number Display Using Rainbowduino

mtXControl – a Rainbowduino Editor By Tobi

Raindrops -a rainbowduino game by Christoph

The Biological Clock dress

Rainbowleidoscope: A Rainbowduino Kaliedoscope

Rainbow Clock by Rob

Daft Punk Helmet Project by ThreeFN

Later we started a voting page on 1st, October in our forum. We totally received 167 votes from 147 voters. The votes ended on 20th, October, and here’s the winners:

1st prize: mtXcontrol-aRainbowduino Editor
2st prize: Raindrops-a rainbowduino game
3rd prize: Rainbowduino clock

Editor’s choice: Daft Punk Helmet Project


We did some head scratching while thinking about a meaningful winning certificate. Something came to mind, something still bury deep in the archives back home.  So, here we go~~~~ RETRO CHINESE STYLE AWARD, printed by a laser jet by ENGLISH!!

let’s check it out what did we give to our winners.

1ST VIEWTIFUL Prize: Rainbowduino x12, 8×8 RGB led matrix X12 and 100 USD Seeedstudio Coupon.

2nd BEAUTIFUL Prize: Rainbowduino x7, 8×8 RGB led matrix X7 and 50 USD Seeedstudio Coupon.

3rd COLORFUL Prize: Rainbowduino x4, 8×8 RGB led matrix X4 and 30 USD Seeedstudio Coupon.

Editor’s choice:
Special Prize: $200 Seeedstudio Coupon

All the participants recieved a discount coupon for Seeed studio Depot.

In the end, we want to say thank you to all participators of Rainbowduino Carnival 2009, and we hope to see more wonderful projects from you.

(p.s Rainbowduino Carnival 2010 is coming in 1 month. Please keep your eyes on us!)

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