DSO Quad shipping delay notification

During the spring festival in Feb, all business in market were closed until people came back from hometown. We were hoping that we could ship DSO Quad before March but the sequela caused by spring festival is worse than we thought.  Due to the 15 days break, many parts needed by DSO Quad were out of stock, and this is really frustrating.

Right now manufacturing for Quad is going smoothy, we are hoping to ship your DSO before next weekend. Sorry again for the delay, and thank you for your trusting !

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33 thoughts on “DSO Quad shipping delay notification

  1. How many x10 probes did you end up giving us? 2, 4, more? I would have a much easier time recommending this device if I found a little something in the box because of the extra time and failure to communicate. But, if I get what I paid for in the resonable time frame you quoted, that would be fine too. Come to think of it, April starts this Friday!

  2. Still waiting for my quad.
    I understand that development can take a bit longer time…..
    How about putting something extra in the parcel for the waiting time?

  3. Please excuse my interuption in your impatience, but Fan did say shipping should begin on the 29th, barring additional delays, in the thread above. And, I agree that updates are a provider’s responsability. Communication is key, you can have a fixed machine and still have a boken customer! So, Seeed, update away, but don’t expect everyone to listen. (P.S.: don’t forget to add a couple of days for being at the bottom of the list and, of course, it is comming from the other side of the planet, free. Hey, Fan, come to think of it, can I pay a few extra bucks to get to the top of the lst and have it shipped fast? Ok boy, slow down…)

  4. Hi guys!
    I’m agree with rich.. The delay is a problem but i need to know when you will be able to delivery the quad.


  5. So I am still lost, when will they start shipping? Delay’s I understand, but the lack of clairity is a problem. I recommend you to a friend who is now bugging me about how it hasn’t shipped and no news. I can come here are find some news, but I am still unclear what is going on.

  6. The fact that people signed for an estimated time doesn’t imply that the manufacter has no obligation like giving some information about the delay especially when it increases. We don’t ask for more. And we have the requested information so there is no problem.
    And there is no reason for you to be impolite.

  7. Sounds like a bunch of whining children! Anyone in manufacturing knows that first runs are unpredictable. We all signed up to an ESTIMATED ship date now, pipe down and wait!

  8. Completely agree. Nothing really bad will happen when delays occurs, however it is very important to keep the customers informed. In this case there is rarely too much communication

  9. Amen, brother. I’m like you, but I’m trying to be more like Scotty from Star Trek. When Kirk asked if he always multiplied his repair time estimates by 4, he said, “how do you expect me to keep my reputation as a miracle worker!”

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