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This week, one more expansion for Gageteer, a Temp & Humidity Module and an OLED Display Module are added to the big family.

The Temp & Humidity Module is equipped with a SHT11 sensor, which measures relative humidity and temperature. With special PCB layout, it has ultra low power consumption and small size.

The OLED Display Module is a 128*128 RGB dots matrix, and its driver IC is SSD1351. Two color modes are available for this display, 65k and 262k. You can change it through software. Otherwise, its frame rate and multiplexing ratio are also programmable, which makes it very easy to use and suits for multi-purposes.

A Pack of 4 Pin Female Jumper Wire is also put on shelf. It’s compatible for Arduino and our Grove products. We prepare it to make connecting Arduino and Grove sensors more efficiently and time-saving.

Rainbow Cube is ready to shine, and we found some customers would like to enjoy the assembling besides the shining effect. They asked whether there will be an independent kit for sale, so here we prepare the Rainbow Cube Kit Acrylic Harness.

It’s an exquisite, transparent and easy-to-assembled acrylic case which custom made for Rainbow Cube Kit. Do you find other uses for this kit? Maybe it’s the perfect case you are searching for your project. Try it out!

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November 2011
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