What do you want inside the box?

We have launched new generation of packing box for weeks. When we put this out, we asked a question “what do you expect to find in our boxes?” And as a result, we have collected some ideas from you guys. Some of them are cute.

“I’d happily accept some Seeed stickers or business card or some random stuff (RFID key fob?) if there are any. ”

A customer left this as a comment. I like stickers, especially something cute and full of fun. We added a sticker to our Toy Kit box, shown as the following picture. What do you think of it? It’s a multitasking robot-like maker. He is busy, very very busy. If you like it, let me know, perhaps you would meet it waiting for you in your next package.

And compared to business cards, I have an idea, what about a post card of the specific product? Or some selective products, like Rainbow Cube, etc? If you have stunning photos of your projects that are perfect for post cards, could you share them with the community?

One more thing, we would like to pick some lovely stuff as a surprise for you guys. RFID key fob would be one option. Is there any other little stuff flashing in your mind?

And finally we noticed that some of you worried if it is a little waste when we put only one board in one box filled with sponge. First, we try our best to assure a safe trip for your project, so we choose static-free sponge. It provides an avoidance of any shake over the trip and 100% protection. And next to safety, the reuse rate is another question we concern. After the package arrives, you can remove the sponge so that much more room can be used to hold boards and accessories, right? Try it!

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November 2011