[Knock] A Local Heli Addict

From now on, the original column [Letters from Customers] is replaced by a new column [Knock]. And I am going to share more sweeping topics with you from Seeed surrounding topics to local Chinese stories.

When you get crazy about something, and dive yourself into it, you will actually gain some reward. In Chinese, we call those people who appear to be omniscient about some topic as “old birds”. Yesterday, me and my colleagues, Hao and Fan, you might know them, paid a visit to such an old bird in local heli community.

As you will immediately find, this old bird is really an old bird. He owns a small rubber factory. After he found the factory can run independently from him, he turned his attention into a new area—DIY helicopter. You know what, China is just not the perfect place for machine-inclined DIY projects. Our DIY notions tend to be handy things. So A HELI? That’s a true shock for many Chinese.

He started his journey by purchasing a heli kit from USA as a practice. With this horrible giant kit, (Ok, I know now, Americans can make anything into a kit.) he found a pile of background documentation, up to 20~30cm think, as his supporting pool. But you should know, he didn’t continued his education after junior middle school, so how can he read through all this English stuff? Out of my imagination.

However, he just made it. After all those practice and desk work, he devolved himself into building his own one. And here comes his first successful heli. A nice guy~ And I know why he made himself a bold.

He is not a lonely wolf on this journey. A local heli community gets his back. They gather around in the name of fun and share ideas and confuses. I’ve seen the future of our local makerspace–CHaiHuo. Hope good luck for him and his buddies. And hope good luck for our first makerspace.

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