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It’s been raining cats and dogs this week, so we’ve been making the most of it and creating our own works of art, like our hero below.

Made out of our new small components storage boxes and an LED Maker Faire badge, it goes to show you that inspiration can come from anywhere and can be comprised of anything.

First up this week is our Bluetooth Bee – Standalone, a great two-for-one device.  A standard Bluetooth Bee with a built-in Arduino chip, it still works in conjunction with XBee Carrier, XBee Shield, and UartSBee for expansion while maintaining a smaller footprint for space sensitive endeavors.  Now you can enhance your existing Arduino projects with Bluetooth communication or just create something new from scratch.

Did you see those cool shirts we were wearing at Maker Faire?  Now you can own one too.  We’ve added both the Geek Heart and the Silicon Stamp T-shirts to our catalog.  They both come in black and feature white lettering.  They’re perfect for anyone who wants to add a little style to their life while expressing their inner geek.

Remember the Grove – 3 Axis Analog Accelerometer?  We also have a digital version, the Grove – 3 Axis Digital Accelerometer ADXL345.  It has a wide power range, 3 axis sensing, and excellent sensitivity.  It is perfect for a vibration sensor, generating input for game controllers, or any project where orientation data and motion sensing are applicable.  Don’t forget it is a member of the Grove family, so it will easily connect to your Arduino or Seeed Stalker.

We have a couple of new Shenzhen 2 U products this week, EL tape and small storage boxes.  The EL tape comes in either blue or white.   It is very similar to EL Wire but a bit wider, and it has an adhesive on its backside, so you can stick it to any surface.  It is very flexible and can be bent and shaped into many innumerable options.  With the exception of the connector, it is waterproof and great for applications where it might get a little wet.

Do you remember our Medium Size Components Storage Box from last week?  This week we’ve added a Small Size Components Storage Box in either red or blue.  It measures 25 x 30 x 20mm and comes in lots of five boxes.  It has the ability to connect to other boxes on all four sides, and it can connect to the medium boxes, as well.  The small components boxes allow you to be more granular in your components organization while bringing a bit of creativity to your storage.

That’s all for now.  Until next time, keep on making.

(written by Erin Linke)

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