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We’ve been enjoying a few days off during our May Day vacation spending time with friends and family.  If you’re unfamiliar with May Day, it’s the international worker’s holiday celebrated in many countries all over the world.  For those US folks, it is the equivalent of Labor Day.

We’ve been selling a lot of EL wire and EL tape lately, and now we have a new power source, the EL USB Inverter.  In addition to the EL pocket inverter, the EL USB Inverter is a new product in our Shenzhen 2 U store.  It enables you to tap into any USB interface and power your EL wire or EL tape up to 5m.  Where the EL pocket inverter is great choice for mobile projects, the EL USB inverter is great for stationary projects.

Ever wanted to reduce your cable clutter?  Now you can with our Passive PoE Cable Set.  PoE stands for power over Ethernet.  Based on Cat5 standards, it allows you to safely send data and transmit power all on one cable.  It is commonly used in VoIP (voice over IP) systems, wall clocks using Network Time Protocol, IP security cameras, and so on.  Our cable set comes in a pair in order to meet your power needs.  Each item has a female RJ45 connector on one side which splits into two cables:  one for power and a male RJ45 for data.  You can power your item with either the splitter jack or injector plug depending on your device.

Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 is only a few weeks away.  Show your Maker Faire spirit by wearing our Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire badge.  This isn’t a run-of-the-mill badge.  It is shaped like a flying egg which serves as a metaphor for an idea in motion and its limitless possibilities.  It is also a do-it-yourself project and requires some light soldering to enable your blinking LED.  Order it now, and be the envy of your friends.

That’s all for now.  Until next time, keep on making.

(Written By Erin Linke)

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