Vstone Adds New Vitality to the Community

In April, during Mini Maker Faire in Shenzhen, many people marveled at the creative things and really had a great time.  Did you remember Androvie, the dancing robot?  Well, that cool robot was the work of a company named Vstone.  Here comes great news for you.  Joining hands with Vstone, we will provide more robots as well as robot-related products for you.

Vstone is a Japanese company, who is focused on the development, manufacture and sale of robots and robotic products.  Founded on 4th, August, 2000, Vstone has gained its reputation by its achievements in the field of humanoid robots for more than a decade.  Besides, Vstone has also successfully developed omnidirectional sensors and high-performance servo motor for controlling robots.

Apart from its industrial businesses, Vstone also engages in other fields, such as the collaboration of industry and academy.  By cooperating with scholars from Kyoto University, Osaka University, and ATR as well as other companies, Vstone has also committed itself to the development of robots for young learners as well as researchers.

Vstone is the driving force behind Team Osaka who won the championships of Robo Cup for five consecutive years from 2004 to 2008.  Robovie PC robot, which was designed by Team Osaka, also won the first prize in the first Robot Marathon held in Osaka City in February, 2011.  It took Robovie PC 55 hours to finish the full-length marathon, which set the record for robot marathon.

The bond between Chinese people and the robots of Vstone can be traced back to November, 2009, when Vstone jiontly hosted the Robot workshop in Beijing with the Japanese Foundation (Beijing) and Panasonic Center Beijing.  In this event, Vstone popularized robot knowledge to Chinese teenagers.  With the Mini Maker Faire as a turning point, Vstone comes closer to our robot hobbyist as well as designers and engineers.

With too much talk here, some of you who haven’t seen robots from Vstone may be itching for a quick look.  Here is a video of a robot timer made from noodle cup.

Wanna have a fancy robot?  Interested in adding some special functions to the robot?  Don’t you worry about a thing, click here and you may be surprised! 

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June 2012