Haxlr8r Is Blossoming

Wow, have you noticed? Haxlr8r is so hot in the media, including Forbes, Yahoo, San Francisco Chronicle, EE Times, CNET News, Bloomberg, Xconomy,  FeldThoughts, etc.

Haxlr8r is the first mentorship-driven seed funding program, focusing exclusively on hardware-related start-ups.  Haxlr8r deserves its reputation as the world’s first incubator of hardware-accelerator program, which reduces the required time from 18 months to less than 4 months.

Haxlr8r is based on Shenzhen (the Mecca of electronics world) China and Bay Area, USA.  The following picture shows the office space of these 9 outstanding startups, offered by Seeed Studio.  As one of the sponsors of Haxlr8r, Seeed Studio witnessed how these 9 excellent startups developed and refined their prototypes in the past 111 days.

This is a momentous week for the nine excellent startups, who are in Bay Area, San Francisco, USA presenting their products to early stage investors and potential partners.  The nine startups were making wonderful presentations on June 18, the inaugural Demo Day at Autodesk Gallery, which was reported at the Forbes.  Makeblock’s founders Jasen and Alex are at the front page of Forbes, as shown in the picture below.

Jasen’s smile here reminds us of the time he spent at Chaihuo Makerspace, the first hackerspace in Shenzhen, which was founded by Seeed Studio.  Before joining Haxlr8r, Jasen spent most of his time in Chaihuo, immersing himself in designing, developing and improving the prototypes. Thanks to Haxlr8r for opening the door of opportunity for Jasen to make his creative ideas into products and then start an undertaking.

Want to be the first in your crowd to enjoy the sweet fruits brought by Haxlr8r?  No problem at all!  Several Makeblock kits are available in the bazaar now. From here, you can order the kit to your liking and begin constructing your own robot projects.  Also, if you are urging to be a great chef, but can afford neither time to learn cooking expertise nor too much money to buy expensive machines, then Nomiku is a perfect choice for you.

The next pitch for Haxlr8r is on Friday in Silicon Valley.  Let’s stay tune and see how it goes!

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June 2012