Update for CAN-BUS Shield Giveaway!

After a few busy days of evaluating and contacting, the ultimate list of lucky guys has come up.

They are :

1. Jeff Rowberg

Jeff is currently working on his Keyglove project and this time he provided a detailed plan for his Arduino-powered smartphone-enabled car motion and health logging tool. It’s a practical application and closely related to OSH.

2. Viktor Takacs

Viktor wanna build a PIC based monitor system for his driving instructor friend and his students. What function will this auxiliary teaching tool have? Let’s wait for Viktor’s reveals on his DIY blog.

3. Andy Mortenson

Andy is now running a car instrument clusters repair company. And wanna enrich their tool boxes with more handy diagnosis devices. Can this CAN-BUS shield help a bit in real life industry?

4. Michael Schwaiger

Most hobbyist level CAN-BUS apps are related to cars. Michael’s idea is no exception. But the difference is the “car” here becomes a racing car. How the CAN-BUS performs in high speed situation? Check out the website of Michael’s team and imagine what to expect: http://racing.tuwien.ac.at/

5. Jerome Demers

Jerome, you do have a love in moving things! From skate board to horizontal gyroscopic stabilization system, I think the CAN-BUS can help you explore more on a car!

Congratulations, lucky guys! Now check your mail box to see if you received confirm letter from me.

For those who didn’t find your names in the list. Don’t be disappointed. Your ideas are also great, just that we don’t have adequate shields to give away.

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