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This week we’ll be looking at the DIY scene from two different angles:  the imaginative and the practical.

Have you ever looked at a printed circuit board (PCB) and thought it was predictable and boring?  Here at Seeed, we believe that (PCBs) shouldn’t be limited to the commonplace green, rectangular design. Instead we want to spice up the Maker movement by combining the beauty of art with the technology of today, and perhaps inspire people to look beyond everyday practicality and explore electronics with a more artistic eye.  Recently we’ve partnered with Popil, a wildly successful cross-media illustrator, to create a fabulous new board. The board is a fully functional Seeeduino, an Arduino compatible board, in the shape of a cute Russian nesting doll. She is holding a little LED and her sleeves are decorated with pluses and minuses. We still haven’t come up with a name for her yet, so please submit your suggestions to [email protected] or comment below its post.

Fresh off their successfully funded Kickstarter project, JoyLabz has turned up the creativity a notch with MaKey MaKey, a kit that allows you to turn everyday objects into touchpads.  The MaKey MaKey kit allows you to create a momentary switch, where a signal is generated for the computer and translated into a keyboard message every time an object is touched. It works with any program or web site that understands keyboard commands. Since MaKey MaKey runs on top of Arduino, it can also double as an Arduino board but without the hassle of learning programming or breadboarding.

From a more functional perspective, we are offering a lot of great push buttons in either the 16mm anti-vandal variety or the 12mm domed version.  Both have a long life cycle and can withstand more than 200,000 pushes. The 16mm Anti-vandal Push Button is made out of stainless steel, and it does not require soldering because it uses reuseable screw terminals. It comes in Glory Gold, Carbon Black, Dark Green, Crimson Red, Chocolate Brown, and Royal Blue,  while the 12mm Domed Push Button is attached via soldering and sold in a pack of 6 different colors.

We also have some great storage boxes which will bring some order and tranquility to your life. The first one is a small transparent plastic storage box suitable for tiny things, such as earphones or SD cards.  The second one is a medium sized transparent plastic storage box which can house Seeeduinos or Grove modules. Lastly, we have dual compartment, multi-colored plastic storage boxes which are great for resistors, screws, candy, etc.

With the holidays coming up don’t forget our Special Offer section where we offer discounts on great items.  If you’ve splurged this year on a 3D printer, like MakerBot, you can find 3D printer ABS filament at a discount.  Or pick up a few super bright RGB LED matrices for your next project.

Until next time, keep on making.

(written by Erin Linke)

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