We’d like to congratulate Al Linke, one of our partner designers.  Some of you may know Al from the DIY Magic Mirror project.  Al’s latest project, PIXEL, was just funded on KickStarter.  PIXEL is an LED based display for retro pixel art, an image that is drawn pixel by pixel just like it was done in the early days of computers and video games.


PIXEL, which comes fully assembled or as a DIY kit, includes a 32 x 32 RGB LED matrix.  Al partnered with Ytai Ben-Tsvi, creator of the open source IOIO board, to enable the LED matrix to be controlled by an Android device.   A static image and/or an animation can be selected via the Android app, and then is relayed over Bluetooth and displayed on the 32 x 32 RGB LED matrix.  What’s really nice is the project requires zero soldering.  With the DIY kit, you simply plug in the cables, load PIXEL’s apps on your Android device, and go.  The project documentation includes a step-by-step tutorial.


To really showcase the possibilities, Al commissioned some pixel artists, familiar to some of you through indie games, to create art images and animations just for PIXEL.  The end results are pretty impressive.  Take a look at the video to see some examples of animation on PIXEL.

For anyone interested, PIXEL can still be purchased on KickStarter for a discounted price and includes the fully packaged and DIY versions.  Please see the PIXEL KickStarter page for more information.

Here at Seeedstudio, we are very proud to have supported so many KickStarter projects like PIXEL.  We have supported a lot of KickStarter projects.  Our role varies from project to project and includes, but is not limited to, design; manufacturing; and fulfillment.  ReaDIYmate, Trigger Trap, ClockTHREE Jr are just a few of the KickStarters we’ve supported. If you’ve got that next great KickStarter in the hopper and need any help, do drop us a note.

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