An assumption: Rainbowduino V4

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Greetings! May you first have a look at our glowing tabble tennis scoreboard.

So we have this recipe of Rainbowduino, utilizing Seeed’s Grove-RTC, Grove-Infrared, 7 Segment Display, UartSBee, etc. Being controlled by a wire less telecontroller,  as you can see on the picture, it displays real-time scores via the 7 Segment Display. I believe building this for your next table tennis game would be quite exciting, and I’d love to share this to all of you. However the Rainbowduino V2 product, which we used originally, is already shut down. And we even found the v3 not able to support voltage greater than 5V when we were trying to use it as a substitution.

This reminds me of some posts on the forum wondering if the v2 could be produced again. Maybe this could be the reason that we update the Rainbowduino to V4! It will  surely integrate the advantages of both the v2 and v3(lower occupancy of I/O and bigger power enough for the driver).What’d you think? Or do you have any other great idea for the V4? Drop me a comment to let me know your idea :D.

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