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Greetings from Japan!  I’m taking a few days off and visiting the sites, like Akihabara, but I had to take a moment to share some of our new products and services.

 Loudness Sensor

We have a new addition to the Grove family, the Grove – Loudness Sensor.  This sensor is designed to detect the level of ambient noise.  Using the amplifier LM2904 chip and a built-in microphone, it amplifies and filters the signal from the microphone and outputs a proportional value to the level of sound input.  To manually adjust the output gain, use the screw potentiometer.


 Clock THREE Jr black

Clock THREEjr, a successful Kickstarter product, is a great platform for those who want to explore time and electronics.  It is a 9” x 9” open hardware world clock with 128 addressable LEDS.  It comes as a fully assembled clock or a do-it-yourself kit with a blank PCB, components, and laser cut parts.



It fits perfectly in an IKEA RIBBA frame for those of you who want to display your finished product.  If you would like it in a different language, there is a faceplate/chip upgrade kit for German, French, Hungarian, Hebrew, or Dutch.  If you would prefer it in another language, please feel free contact the Wyolum, the developers of Clock THREEjr.

 PCB order steps

We’ve added to our wildly popular PCB service.  Now we have a four layer Fusion PCB service with only a minimum of 5 boards required for the order.  It is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply upload your design, fill in the PCB parameters, and add it to the cart.  This is perfect for developing prototypes, the hobbyist who only needs a couple of boards, or someone on a budget.  Please remember that all items in red font are required to complete your order.  If anything is unclear, please contact us for assistance.


Until next time, keep on making.

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