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Has anyone ever think about adding an odometer speedometer for your own bicycle? Just the same as this wish of robert. If so, Seeed would help you.  This month we decided to come up with this great tool for rotate speed detection- the Grove – Hall Sensor and a Grove-OLED to show the results.  As routine, we are giving 5 kits of these modules.

With the Hall sensor, and of course a magnet, you can detect the rotate speed of something, such as the bicycle. And with the OLED module to show the result, you can make a complete odometer &speedometer with an Arduino/Seeeduino.

There is another application that uses a Grove-reflective sensor to do the same work, but I think, a hall sensor would be easy to use in such applications .



Starting date & deadline:

From 11th to 15th of April, 2013

To be more specific, this giveaway’s deadline will be 24:00 April 15, Beijing Time (UTC + 8.00)

It’s quite simple to get the chance. Just send email to [email protected] within the time period given above, and your request will be considered. Please provide the following information in your e-mail:

1) Why do you apply for the product(s)?

2) Briefly describe your ideas of using our giveaway product(s).

3) Information (website, blog, video etc.) of your previous projects (optional, but will be appreciated.)

4) You have to send us a review about using the Grove-hall sensor and Grove-OLED in your project. The review could be in any form (pictures, text or video, etc.) with your description. Would you like to share your experience through our blog by the end of the month?

5) Please provide your valid shipping address and phone number (IMPORTANT). This will ensure faster shipping to you once you are qualified.

Also, your review will be added into “useful links” on our product page. Your review might ignite sparks of other cool ideas about using Groves, isn’t it great?

IMPORTANT: We will keep a credit record of the applicants. The following elements will affect your credits:

1) The quality of your review: the more detailed review gets higher credit.

2) The time you send the review: The sooner gets higher credit. Applicants with higher credits will have more chances to get our giveaway.

Apply for the Grove – Hall sensor and Grove – OLED Display  now! Also, please keep an eye for next month’s give-away post for more chances.


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