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We are back after our traditional May Day vacation, feeling recharged and ready to go.

Here at Seeed, we pride ourselves in bringing you an affordable, wide assortment of modular electronics, great DIY kits, laser cutting services, and engineering and design services.  We wanted to improve that experience by also providing the indispensable tools that you need to work on and complete your projects, making us a true one-stop-shop.



Wire Strippers are an essential tool used for stripping, cutting, and bending wire.  This spring loaded devicecuts copper wire 20-30 AWG and has non-slip plastic handles for ease of use.  If you need a tool for precision trimming, we have Flush Diagonal Cutters which have a 45° angle that is crucial for snug spaces.  They are light weight, have an insulated, textured grip, and are also spring loaded for reduced hand fatigue.  Although they are great for electronics, they are also perfect for jewelry making, watch repair, and fine metal work.Another item that you’ll want to add to your tool box is the ESD-safe, non-corrosive stainless steel Straight Tweezers.  Pick up tiny electronic components with its anti—magnetic compact, fine tip.








Soldering is another activity that is much improved with the proper tools.  First you need to pick up a Lead-free Solder Spool.  It is 100g of .8mm diameter wire that is composed of mostly tin and better for the environment and yourself because it is lead free.  Next you’ll need a high-quality, stainless steel 60W Soldering Iron – 110V which heats up quickly and has an insulated polymer handle.  Then you’ll need a Soldering Iron Stand to place your soldering iron in when it is hot.  It is a must have in order to protect yourself from a scalding mishap.  Plus it comes with a sponge for cleaning the tip of your soldering iron.



If you’ve ever wanted to salvage an electronic component from a defunct project, you’ll want to pick up a Desoldering Pump.It is key for removing solder.  Simply heat the solder with your 60W Soldering Iron – 110V and then vacuum up the melted solder with your Desoldering Pump.  However, some folks prefer a Desoldering Wick.  The wick also helps remove solder from PCBs.  Place the wick over the solder to be removed and then place your soldering iron on top of the wick.  The solder will heat up to a liquid state and then be absorbed into the wick.  Soldering can be somewhat tricky for the newbie, so the Third-hand Tool with Magnifying Glass might be the tool for you.  It is a well-built stainless steel instrument with a sturdy base, two clamps, and a 2x optical magnifying glass.  Tiny circuits become easier to see and soldering safer as the magnifying glass acts as a barrier between you and the PCB.

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Now you can stock up your tool box.  Until next time, keep on making.

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