Getting Started with Open Parts Library-Basic V2

Hey folks, Seeed wants to say thank you! For the past few months, we have received plenty of feedbacks of OPL v1.0 and OPL Library. Thank you so much for such wonderful suggestions. We studied all of them and found that most of the makers have the following requests:

  1. Want the OPL v1.0’s package to be lighter and cheaper
  2. Want to be able to buy single OPL parts in volume
  3. Want to have sufficient varieties of components in library

We heard you, so we make the following 3 main updates to OPL-Basic v2.0:

  1. Make a new suit for OPL-Basic v2.0 which reduce the cost and the weight.
  2. Start selling single OPL components. Will be available in Bazaar in the end of Apr.
  3. Add more than 100 kinds of commonly-used components in library. Coming Soon…

Here are the details

Firstly, we choose ESD PVC as the material of the package which makes OPL 10% cheaper, 40% lighter and better protected since the components will be put in reel and belt.

Besides, we are working on improving the system to make sure you guys can buy the single components easily online.

Thirdly, we are reviewing all the requests of components. Some will be picked out and added in the library based on 3 principles. They are commonly-used, DFM-friendly and affordable

Please tell us more about your expectation of OPL and let’s wait and see what this new OPL can bring us!

What is OPL (Open Parts Library)?

opl basic_01

A collection of most commonly-used components. With Open source eagle library, 3D-modules and datasheets, this library can greatly increase the development efficiency. The quality, lead time and cost will be greatly improved since we are sharing the same supply chain. OPL- Basic v 2.0 is a package of 90+ kinds of commonly-used components. All the components are picked from OPL. Includes ranges of resistors, capacitors, IC and 16M crystal etc., this package can satisfy your basic needs of a circuit board.

Written by Shuyang

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May 2014