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Hi dear All, next Monday (June 1st) is Dragon Boat Festival which is a traditional Chinese festival observed by eating Zongzi (yummy 🙂 ) & dragon-boat racing. All Seeed staff will take 1 day off to enjoy the festival with family members and friends. We won’t be able to reply your email promptly. Sorry for the inconveniences. Happy holidays!

Let’s get down to business. We have some new products for you this week. We’ll highlight some for you in this blog. And you can always get detailed info here.

Staff Pick : Circuit StickerThin-film Flexible Solar Panel

Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interactive projects without any complicated equipment or programming skills. Use them to add electronics to any stick-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, etc. The sky‘s the limit, all you need is your imagination!

Robot card: blushes when you press on its heart, with “Thank You!” spelled using circuitry

You can re-stick Circuit Stickers a few times, just like regular stickers. We also provide extra anisotropic conductive adhesive to “re-sticker” old stickers. Advanced users can also solder to the stickers for more permanent works.

Using these diverse materials, you can start putting electronics anywhere! Make interactive electronic murals for your ceilings, walls and windows. Create touch-sensitive plants that glow, or light yourself up with conductive body paint. You can even create artwork with the circuitry itself!

Thin-film Flexible Solar Panel

This week we have two products about solar panel, unlike the products we offered before. This is thin-film flexible solar panel, with 0.5W and 1W.

Q Touch Sensor

The Q Touch Sensor is a high sensitivity and high noise immunity touch input device.It is based on Atmel AT42QT1070 which uses a dual-pulse method of acquisition. This provides greater noise immunity and eliminates the need for external sampling capacitors, allowing touch sensing using a single pin.

It comes with two different form factors — Grove and Xadow:

  • Grove-Q Touch Sensor

  • Xadow-Q Touch Sensor

Wireless communication module

We have announce three wireless modules, SRF ShieldWireless RF radio, and Arduino-compatible RF Sensor Node.

SRF Shield is a low power wireless transceiver aimed at building wireless sensors and actuators.

XRF wireless RF radio UART serial data module XBee shaped is RF serial data module with great range and XBee style pin layout. It makes use of Texas Instruments’ CC1110 System-on-Chip, and can be operated in the ISM bands (868 to 915 MHz).

DevDuino Sensor Node V2 (ATmega 328) – AAA battery holder is designed for buildinf wireless networks based on transceiver nRF24L01+. You can easily connect other sensors or actuators to this platform, to build your remote monitoring or controlling system.

Besides, DevDuino Sensor Node V2 (ATmega 328) is a compact Arduino-compatible microcontroller, which includes 3 GROVE-compatible connector: I2C, Analog and Digital.

x86 Mini Computer

86Duino is an open-source embedded platform based on Vortex86EX SoC, with easy-to-use hardware and software integrated. This Arduino-compatible board can support many x86 O/S as well as those running on the original Arduino base system.

There are two versions of 86Duino, one is 86Duino Zero, and the other is 86Duino One. They use the same SoC but have different form factors.

Also, we offer an all-in-one 86Duino embedded platform, named 86Duino EduCake, which is assembled with a case and an integrated bread board.

Oh, don’t forget the specially cables for 86Duino 86Duino Zero Cable Kit and 86Duino One Cable Kit.

Prototype with Raspberry Pi

In the previous New Products Post, we introduced the Prototype Shield for Raspberry Pi. Now we would like to talk about another prototype board for raspberry Pi —Humble Pi.

The Humble PI is a full size electronics prototyping board for the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer.

Gnexlab Extruder Controller

This week we also have an extruder controller that might interest you. Gnexlab Extruder Controller is a temperature monitor and PID temperature controller for 3D printers. If you have a desktop CNC machine you can easily convert your CNC to a 3D printer with this controller card.

At last, Happy Hacking, enjoy it, see you next week!

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