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eva & dso

DSO series is one of the most successful products since the initiation of Seeed. The main story goes around DSO NANO – how we users can impact next hardware design !!!

Like Evangelion, every DSO got its name, code and specialty.

  • DSO Nano(code 201) – A handy scope for everybody – EVA00
  • DSO Touch(code 202) – The One – EVA01
  • DSO Quad(code 203) – 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope – EVA02

Something happened to DSO Touch, it tooks 2 years to finish the developing until now, we offer 2 DSO Touch Dev edition. If you think you are the best tester as Shinji Ikari to EVA01, please fill the form by 22th of August. We will release more detailed specs of the coming DSO Touch in the following days.


The free sample includes

  • DSO Touch Dev x1
  • Probe x1

Sorry, We only have 2 test samples here, you get more chances if:

  • you are old user of DSO Nano, especially to the APP contributors
  • more test chance to media next time
  • you don’t have to sign up next time for beta program, you got more chance if you sign up earlier

Test Only – What you need to do


As a beta-tester, you can

  • get tech support from Seeed Engineer(me)
  • contribute to the app, share your unique hacking

you need to:

  • writing unboxing, testing hardware and the app
  • feedback the experience using it

We will promote your project on blog! Be creative guys!

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