This is the final episode of DSO Touch Official Leak Series, cause I have to wait for the sample until mid Sep, the only 2pcs of DSO Touch are sending to Petteri Aimonen & Tobias Schramm.

The input signal for distortion test is sine wave, ranging from 10kHz to 20+ MHz. We judge the level of distortion by

  • FREQ measured
  • VPP measured
  • Shape of wave

Let’s go.

WP_20140827_034 WP_20140827_035 WP_20140827_036 WP_20140827_037WP_20140827_039

Result – DSO Nano V3 with BenF firmware.

  • 10 – 40kHz: everything seems ok
  • 50kHz: the measure FREQ is 44.9 kHz (acceptable), a discontinuous pattern begins
  • 60kHz: went wrong

WP_20140827_010 WP_20140827_013 WP_20140827_014 WP_20140827_015 WP_20140827_017 WP_20140827_018 WP_20140827_019 WP_20140827_023WP_20140827_021WP_20140827_024

Result – DSO Touch Beta v0.1

  • begins @ 40kHz: everything seems ok until 100kHz
  • 110kHz – 130kHz: a error in FREQ, but the wave on screen and VPP is right
  • 160kHz+: went wrong

WP_20140827_026 WP_20140827_027 WP_20140827_028 WP_20140827_029 WP_20140827_030 WP_20140827_033

Result – DSO Quad

  • begins @ 21kHz: everything too easy for it
  • 100kHz – 800kHz: ok
  • 3MHz+: the shape becomes unstable from this moment.

We can tell the difference from this simple test. DSO Touch is regarded as an updated DSO Nano. With much wanted improvements on performance, we hope a better updated firmware from community.

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