Through the Seeed lens – Hi-Tech Fair 2014 Highlights


This is a short clip of the featured staffs we saw in CHTF 2014.

We spend an afternoon wondering in SZCEC (aka Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center), seeking robots, 3d print machines, industrial controllers in hi-tech faire this year.

THE CHTF is an annual event on biology devices, new energy, electronics and advanced manufacturing.

Here’s something cool staffs here we’d like to share with you.


Football is quite popular on LEGO like robot platform, this is a group of robot kits by a education company. Based on wifi, you can control your robots on your phone, quite interesting.


Multitouch screen, the basic ability to draw lines with different kinds of pens. It remind me of Paper53, the app on ipad with better drawing experience.


What a wonderful and well packed personal solar panel system, hiding all the dirty wires. Just go outdoor and use it as a normal charger (like a black box), you don’t have to understand what it is and how it works.


A group of environment sensors which are very like to be placed in house. Though they look ugly, bad user experience, there’s still a market for integration house service if you make good use of them.



Another ugly design of wearable hardware. It is used for taking the body temperature of new born baby, the hardware is connected to ipad etc. So the data is streaming to CLOUD through ipad. An alert service is what the team provide rather than the hardware itself. Anyway, the idea is great but the product needs improvement.


Another example showing the trend in home health care devices integrated with Internet. Based on your daily data, a doctor will keeping an eye on you remotely.

DSC00270 DSC00271

Since the pebble last year, a large group of “smart” watch is coming to the market. The picture shows a GPS enabled watch for children security, the feature is to get the location by buildin GPS and a single way real time voice monitor by buildin GSM module. China faces a great problem of child abduction, this watch is just design aganist such crimes.


What a cute droid!!! Android is quite popular in China because it provides low-cost smart phone solution.


Very much similar to a kickstarter project, you don’t have to throw it into the sky to get the panorama. There are totally 30 cameras on such small part.

DSC00274 DSC00275

Industrial robots are among my favourites. This one shows a noticeable improvement in handwriting, both Chinese and English. As a Chinese, I have to admit his writing is better than the average, even some beginner students in this area. A lacking in the spirit of typical Chinese handwriting is the biggest problem, that’s because robots don’t have souls and emotions, all the steps are controlled by the program, which simulate a patten setting by humans.


Another remarkable area is open for individual who invents by himself. The homebrew inventions are not good enough, but I still admire them putting lots of time focus on a subject though they may not get any pay from what they learned. Compared with CHTF, I still like Maker Faire much because people are more likely to share there, instead of getting a patent.


Another wired display rack, which can move.


There is a displacement sensor inside the device, an interactive game based on hardware and it’s quite clear to understand what happen. The model is our industrial designer: nosk. ^_^

Finally, it’s still worth spend half day there exploring. There are more info from the official website (ugly designed but in English):

See you next year.

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